Friday, June 21, 2013

Stoffa Has Done Nothing...

...But continue to hate Gracedale.

NO...He does not live here - keep going...far, far away.
What planet does the nonsensical ignoramus live in? Not ours! He says:

"Stoffa himself acted honestly and with integrity. He engaged in no pay to play. But for his entire first term, he was hampered by a Council unwilling to work with him."

REALLY??? How STUPID do you think the taxpayers of Nor-Co are Bernie?

In our opinion, John Stoffa does not have an honest bone in his dishonest body.

And how dare you, a court established evil-doing about integrity?

Well the manure is surly flowing now ladies and gents of Nor-Co, so please pick up your feet.

Bernie you can read our lips, "Integrity" requires "honesty", and everyone knows John Stoffa is a dishonest liar, period. can't chime in - we said PERIOD!

And you of all people Bernie should be the last to try and lift Stoffa up. Is he paying you to say these wonderful things about him? If so, it better be worth it, because no one is buying it!

Ron Angle - I tried to hurt Gracedale...
...but, she slapped me down, and the flames burn.
Folks...doesn't Bernie sound like a "rocket scientist"?

Listen to what else he says: "The Gracedale question undeniably hurt Angle" kidding Sherlock!!!

We The People kick him to the curb, just like we would have done to Stoffa if he would have demonstrated your level of stupid by attempting to run again...not running Bernie demonstrates Stoffa has a half once more intelligence than you do. DHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

The brilliance continues when Bernie says: "But once the people did speak, and voted to retain the nursing facility, Stoffa has done everything he can to turn things around".

What??? REALLY?

You must be drinking kamikazes again, or was it straight-up vodka? Or maybe Your now smoking crack!

John Stoffa has done NOTHING to help Gracedale Bernie...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Folks, do you really want to laugh? Get a load of this crock..."He (Stoffa) has invested money in the facility". John Stoffa has not invested a "nickel" as Ron Angle would say...not a nickel!

We The People invested our hard earned tax dollars - freely given (in most cases) to the government to invest in Gracedale. And then we gave our greatest commodity "time", which cemented the reality that John Stoffa, Ron Angel, and the brutish Bernard O'Hare III could not do what they wanted to do...Sell our pride and joy - Gracedale.

We can go on, but, stupid is stupid...
...Do we really have to?


  1. If the Press had actually reported on John Stoffa, he would never had gotten a second term.
    From his bungling of the swaption to his negligence with county buildings. he has a dismal record of failure.

  2. I agree! John Stoffa has been only a tremendous disappointment.

  3. The Express Times is as corrupt as Stoffa.

    The other day they wrote about the Wolf and Bechtel buildings being neglected and falling apart. But abstained to say who let them get that way!

    Stoffa and his administration will have cost the taxpayers in this county more money than any executive in NorCo history.