Friday, June 7, 2013

Hey John (Stoffa)...

We're BACK! And really John - You should RESIGN!

County Executive John Stoffa by way of his arrogance has attempted to defy even the County Courts.

His latest thumb-of-the-nose defiance has the Honorable District Attorney John Morganelli back in court again fighting for what has already been ruled the DA's favor we might add - And guess who is defying the court? You guessed it - John Stoffa.

I, John Stoffa, promise to bankrupt Nor-Co
if it's the last thing I do - before I'm removed.
Misusing tax resources again John? YES!!! You see, Mr. Stoffa knows and understands very well that as the County Executive he is provided (using tax funds) a solicitor. He seems to feel that he can use the solicitor as he pleases...WRONG John!!!

What he doesn't seem to comprehend is that the County Administration Solicitor is to be used for "COUNTY BUSINESS" only...not his personal vendetta's. Whatever personal issues he has with the Honorable District Attorney, he should resolved on a personal level - using his own currency to secure his own "personal attorney". Perhaps he can hire Mr. McClure - No! Wait a minute - Mr. McClure is honest...he won't work for Stoffa - Why not? because Mr. Stoffa is a dishonest liar.

Please John - sue us for making that statement...We made that same statement publically before you and County Council with no denial from you.

We really welcome the opportunity to tell the court what we know about your deceptive ways.

We also patiently await the opportunity to tell the court what you, Ron Angle and Bernie O'Hare did in collusion to further your cause, while putting Gracedale at risk. And yes, we welcome the opportunity to present the court with the evidence of how you out-right lied to us. Perhaps that by itself will encourage our County Council to collectively and "finally" call for your removal.

No, we won't sue you because if we do John, we will have to use our own personal money to fight you in court, as we did to defend against your court attacks against us...Remember - the ones you LOST! But if you sue us sir, well, that's quite another story. "YOU" will once again use tax dollars to sue the taxpayers, and then, we the taxpayers can blow you out of the water in court, using our tax dollars by way of your suit...Make sense John? It does to us...So what you have to do John, we welcome it, and we await it.

Good folks of Nor-Co get this: Because of Stoffa, we (Nor-Co) currently have one branch of government (DA's office) fighting an other branch of government (County Admin) in court using tax resources. But who cares? Right? WE THE PEOPLE CARE!!! That's who!

Why??? Because it's our money he's MISUSING! That's why!

Mr. Stoffa, you are misusing our hard earned tax dollars to play games with the District Attorney. You know it, he knows it, and most importantly - WE THE PEOPLE know it!

John Morganelli defeated you in court because he was right! You lost because you were wrong!!! Don't you get that?

Now get this folks - Mr. Stoffa, in his demented state of mind seems to believe that there is a problem with the oath he took when elected as County Executive. Apparently, he doesn't feel that his oath had anything to do with the Home Rule Charter, or something to that effect. The HRC by the way, is our Constitution.

This thought process alone may be an indicator which clearly demonstrates that Mr. Stoffa is at some stage of dementia himself, almost ready to be placed at Gracedale.

His argument appears to be that he took an oath that he did not understand but, swore to it any way. Who would do that?

Well, a very Honorable Judge had to explain it to him.

By the way -- Congratulations to the new "President Judge" Stephen Baratta who took over his new post today. May God bless you sir in all your decisions.


  1. Im glad to see you back, thought that maybe because lamont lost u guys were done. Is there any truth to that?

  2. Heck no we are not going any where we vowed long ago that we are here to stay. Lamont lost that is another story but he is not going any where either.

    in for the long hall,

  3. Lamont did not lose. He accomplished exactly what I believe he wanted to. Keeping Gracedale wher she belongs. COAF please do not fall away we will always need u.

  4. We're not going anywhere - the 4 leaving understood that.

  5. Good post and glad to see you are all sticking around. Please help get out the vote this Fall. People are falling all over each other claiming to love Gracedale but that was all said in the past. When the time came where were they. You know who showed up and who didn't.
    The people out here need your help this November to make sure our Home is safe. A strong and honest county council will do that.

    Please stay vigilant and strong. The community needs you all.

    Thank you!

  6. The demented man is on his way out, one way or the other.
    He is a wreck. He is a joke. The sad thing is he continues
    to waste millions of dollars of taxpayers money. Whatever fate awaits him and that slime ball friend of his will be so deserving. They say God works in mysterious ways..When they get struck down, it won't be a mystery.

  7. I agree--you folks are the best thing Democracy has going in Northampton County. Stoffa and his crony O'Hare can crawl back under their rocks. Thank You for exposing them.

  8. His lawsuit with counsel is costing Gracedale 100.00 + Doiiars a day by not signing the contract with Nazareth. Who is he hurting Gracedale. Still trying too drag it down. What a crud.

  9. We are not going anywhere..the members of the COAF are as commited now to Gracedale as they ever were. Exposing the likes of Stoffa is just part of the process of saving Gracedale. Can't help but wonder...why doesn't our exec have any reports to give at Count Council meetings anymore?????Hmmmmmm Could it be he doesn't remember or that he doesn't do anything?????Just wondering.

  10. RMM please start a weekly podcast where you interview local people. You are the voice of Norco, the sane voice.

  11. When Stoffa walks out the door for the last time, we can only hope Marcus is slinking behind him like always. After being told to hire him by a political patron, it is time for Marcus to go away. He has cut more services and staff than ever before. He has been nothing but a front man for Stoffa and Angle and has done more harm than good.

    He knows as little now as he did when he first started and he didn't know anything then.

  12. You forgot to mention that county council is also suing him. He is forcing unnecessary legal battles which waste tax dollars.

    Your definitely got that right.

  13. He could care less about wasting taxpayer dollars..Look at the swaption..When he got into office, it was still in a positive situation. He let it grow to more than a 25 million dollar deficit. Then he and the press blamed Reibman . This guy should be sued by Northampton County taxpayers for negligence. It's sad..He's sad..I wish he'd just leave already!

  14. There has to be some sanity. Council needs him investigated and then can him. But they are a bunch of talkers and do nothings.