Saturday, June 22, 2013

The New Bond...

...Which less than desirable County Executive John Stoffa presented during last Thursday's County Council meeting as if it was a bond for Gracedale, turns out to be a bond costing 11.4 million, of which, $7.1 million will be applied to repair 18 "Priority 1" bridges. And that still leaves approximately 36 bridges in disrepair. The bond will also include previous bond refinancing.

Gracedale, which seemingly is to blame for all of Mr. Stoffa's other failures, will receive 4.3 million to repair generators which failed during "Super Storm Sandy" (because John Stoffa decided to neglect them). But, wait a minute, didn't Stoffa say just last Thursday that HE spent almost 28 million dollars at Gracedale? Well, his failing mind must have overlooked the generators - And so much more!

In speaking to a source a Gracedale, we were informed that Gracedale did not receive any priority treatment after the storm because the electric company was informed by Stoffa's administration that all was okay at Gracedale. In fact, the conditions were deplorable. There was no power at Gracedale from October 30th, 2012 until November 2nd, 2012. That was four days ladies and gents of Nor-Co...four days!

GACEDALE POWEROur source also tells us that there were extension cords all over the building...which Stoffa failed to tell us. Residents couldn't be bathed because there was no hot water...which Stoffa failed to tell us. The generators, which should have worked flawlessly, did not because they were who? By the person we trusted to serve us - the man who instead sued us...Yes, by County Executive John Stoffa...Who really should resign.

You need to do it!
If Stoffa wants to know who our source is, all he has to do is ask. We'll certainly be more than happy to disclose that information to him in court...Sue us again buddy. There is a list of people who have much to say about their Gracedale experience after Sandy hit. But they would like you to misuse tax-resources against us again. And possibly more importantly, many before Sandy hit as well. We wait patiently for our day with you in court sir! Yes...patiently.

Your "Resignation" will be accepted!!!


  1. Durning Mr. Stoffa's time in office our county owned buildings including Gracedale were not maintained, our roads, and also our bridges the same . The work was not done and we do not have any extra money to show for it ?? A while back I asked Mr. Stoffa what happened to this money ? He said " that is water over the dam ". It is Sad the shape this county is in, and now he wants to do another bond ??? Maryann

  2. he is dishonest to the bone. I would still like a line by line accounting of his "generosity" to Gracedale. I don't believe it for a minute.

    Only the gullible County Council buys it.

  3. Most members on County Council are as inept and corrupt as Stoffa.

    How many even question or state anything at meetings when there are real issues at hand?

    Jim Gregory started to state the problems in non Gracedale Human Services and all members stood on their hands.

    Does Cohncil care that there is an arbitration coming soon that will expose the mismanagement and corruption? The asking to bring back programs such as Developmental Programs and Aging services!

  4. Stoffa, the high heel guy, is having another hard on, this time over Gracedale. That sick, old pup needs to retire or just pass on to he'll already. He, and his buddy OHare need to go already, one way or the other. That Mezzacappa girl will escort the, armed I am certain, to the gates of hell where they belong!!!!

  5. Saw "Business matters" tonight. The topic was religion and Muslims. One of the expert" guests was Ron Angle. I kid you not. The Lehigh Valley Chamber of
    Commerce actually still has that bigoted anti-Semite on their show and talking about religion.

    Truly amazing. Tony Ianelli should be fired.

  6. I saw the show. Angle made an ass out of himself as expected. he is the most bigoted and ignorant man I have ever met.

  7. Are you folks still alive? The fight is not over.

  8. Will you be meeting with future county executive John Brown? I want to know about his plans for Gracedale. Hopefully he sits down with COAF and answers these questions. I want to vote for him, but I need some answers and he seems to not provide many.

    Please do an in-depth report about both Johns and let us know. thank You!

  9. We certainly will sit and discuss matters of mutual interest with any future(hopeful)county executive or council. And without question, any reasonable information will be shared with the County.