Monday, June 10, 2013

How Did The Court Established Liar...

....Bernard O'Hare III benefit from the "misuse of tax dollars" by County Executive John Stoffa?

I love spending endless hours doing this...just for fun!
If you ask him he will say he did not benefit in any way. But, if not - then why would he spend endless hours at the election office  (carrying a John Stoffa "football") sifting through our petitions. Really folks, why?

Why would he do that?

Every time we entered the election office to turn in more petitions, there was the nonsensical ignoramus, pen in hand looking for a way to stop the: "We The People Express". But he couldn't stop us, not even with his deceptions. You all remember what the conclusions of the PA Supreme Court were relating to Bernard O'Hare III:

"dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude."

Besides being a dishonest fraud, he's not the sharpest troll in the shed (oops, we meant tool!). He saw the "We The People Express" coming at him with a light of truth, traveling over one hundred miles an hour, he froze like a deer in headlights - and everything he tried to do to stop our train of truth...FAILED.

Former Justice Joan Orie Melvin
Displaying her new bracelets!
Some people (like Bernard O'Hare III) believe they are above the law, but eventually the law catches up to them. He knows that. He just doesn't think it will catch up to him again - He's will! Only this time he may end up doing time...Food for thought!

Take Justice Joan Orie Melvin for example, she too shared the same thought process that John Stoffa, Ron Angle, and Bernard O'Hare III share, and look at her now!

We believe that the deceptive trio deserve identical know, like the pair the corrupt judge received!

We take no pride or pleasure in any of this, but corruption is so disgraceful that we feel compelled to expose it, every where it lurks...using the greatest weapon known to man - the light of TRUTH.

The light of truth is so revealing that even the greatest of deceivers, lurking in the darkest of holes - cannot hide from it.

Eventually the exposure will be made...We The People continue to wait patiently for the day to come!



  1. The tip of that flag would fit nicely , as my dad was known to say, "Where the sun don't shine", lol

    The same place that slime ball crawled out of.

  2. A psychiatrist could write a best seller, based upon the psychology of O'Hare alone. 2 bestsellers if they include Stoffa, and 3 if they include Angle.

    And look at the most hypocritical flip flop of all times...O'Hare/Callahan.....Callahan had it as bad as Villa, Mezzacappa, Pawlowski, Gegory, Martinez, Fleck, Barron.....etc....some rumors are floating that he is being paid by the Callahan clan.

    He's such a disgusting un-principled flip flopper who blows in the wind its purely disgusting. His gaping fat arse is always for sale for $5, or even for free, and a handshake, or a little bit of attention. O'Hare's biggest problem is that he thinks people are nice to him because they fear him. Sad fact is, he is a histrionic attention whore, constantly needing and needing and needing approval and recognition from anyone and everyone. He is so insecure, fragile and full of rage that I bet a psychiatrist couldnt even get him straightened out.

    There's no cure for being a sadist. His time will come....and soon!

  3. I think the above comment is right on , PERFECT. He is a real nut who needs a dose of his own medicne. Why does the DA look the other way for stoffa, angle and O'Hare? How much more damage can we deal with?

    No bridge bond I say. OHare is gaining back all that weight he lost when mezz dumped him. He may cross a new bridge and crumble it

  4. Bernie OHairy is on his way to self destruction. This despicable demon has spent the last few years terrorizing those he doesn't like. However, once Stoffa goes, and most likely before, his reign of ignorance and terror will end.
    He thinks he matters. It's almost comical..Most people tune into his blog for a few laughs at his expense and he thinks he is Edward R. Morrow, lol......He is nothing but a disgusting pimple on a rat's behind..On stoffa's behind, same difference. One day, when Stoffa gets knocked off his perch, that pimple will get popped , never to be seen again.

  5. Some say Bernie is two faced, but seriously , if that were so, would you pick the one he has, lol

  6. Who is YWP and LP?

  7. The question should be: What does YWP and LP mean?

    The answer is, well, for our friend O'Hare to figure out.

    Because he is so simple he won't be able to figure it out. That will cause him to make incorrect accusations. He is so easy.