Friday, June 21, 2013

COAF: We Don't Need No Stinking Stoffa!

During last night's County Council meeting - County Executive John Stoffa decided to present a CE report (which he doesn't always present these days). So what did he have to say? His second remark was:

"Since I began my term of office in January of 2006 up until today, not counting the proposed bond that you will vote on today for Gracedale, this administration with County Councils approval has spent $27,970,378.00 on capital expenditures at Gracedale. People say we haven't done anything up there, that's not true. We spent nearly 28 million dollars."

The first problem with that statement is...he did not specify where that money went. You see, he did not outline specifically what items of necessity at Gracedale required 28 million dollars. He also failed to indicate what years he spent how much so that we could verify it. We the People don't arbitrarily say: "they haven't done anything at Gracedale". No...we have witnessed the neglect first-hand. Just like we have seen many other county owned buildings under his administrations watch neglected as well. The second problem is, he made it sound like the bond vote was for Gracedale specifically, but as usual, he was not clear where the additional 4.3 million that he spoke about would be going.

The best part of his report  however, was his opening remark: "In case anyone is interested, I'm down to 140 days, but who's counting?".

"Your wife" said Mr. Cusick.

This comment of course brought some laughter. What we found interesting about the comment was that it appeared to be mocking the taxpayers of the County. From our perspective, he seemed to be implying that he shafted the taxpayers by using tax-resources (Stoffa-Gift) to sue the taxpayers on a partisan issue, and there is nothing we can do about it. What a despicable view. But, we're sure that in the end - JUSTICE will prevail...And patiently we wait!

Nor-Co, between John Stoffa and Ron Angle our County has suffered so much corruption.

Mr. Stoffa, you sir are a disgraceful man.

And while your trying to get up on a high horse to showcase yourself as such a wonderful administrator (so that when your 140 days are up you will be praised for all your misdeeds), we know the TRUTH. The TRUTH sir is: your a deceiver...a liar!

And We Don't Need...
...No Stinking LIAR!


  1. Tried to comment on the O'Hare blog offering some different views on the Stoffa years. No bad words or nasty names. Guess what, "deleted". He deleted another comment from someone last night. He will allow all kinds of hate speech against Gregory, Tricia and Pawlowski but not even a kindly disagreement on Stoffa's divinity. O'hare wonders why he is known as the "great hypocrite" and is in Bill White's Hall of Shame.

    He has a loving speech on there and another one from Angle no doubt, praising Stoffa as the greatest. No sense bothering to respond with any real discussion he is deleting any non backside kissing remarks without comment. Everyone of his points can be debated but he won't allow that.

    What a clown. As I said once before.

    A few months and,

    "No more Steenkin' Stoffa Admisntration."

  2. "Stinking Stoffa" is the dude's permanent epitaph. Thanks for labeling this guy for what he has always been at every step of his public career.

  3. O'Hater is hating on everyone he doesn't like and making up stuff about his hero Stoffa. He is pretending people are attacking Stoffa but he is even deleing comments calling O'Hare a hypocrite. His joyride has only 140 days left and the poor boy is angry.

  4. The Hairball is TERRIFIED! Callahan's team wants nothing to do with him and for once The Hairball can't suck his way up and that's the only thing that has ever gotten him access. Wonder what's in store for him now that Stoffa is toast!

  5. If I were on county council rather than sit there with my thumb up my baabaa, I would ask for an accounting of each item that adds up to that amount.

    This scumball is no doubt including wages and other things every
    Admisntration paid,. he is probably even including the money he paid consultants and law firms to sell the place and then sue citizens.

    Wonder if he included the county money paid to help O'Hare and Angle?

  6. Why has no official on the State level investigated Stoffa on Stoffa-Gift?

    This man is corrupt and should be brought to justice and receive the appropriate consequences for his illegal activity.

    Maybe a class action civil suit should be done to wake up the DA and the State to do something about this!

    Sad to say but it's just not NorCo that is corrupt, it's the whole State.