Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hold Government Accountable

When we support and elect officials into office we do so with expectations that they will follow through on their promises. When they do, we call them honest, and when they don't we call them politicians.

The politicians of NorCo must understand that WE THE PEOPLE are done with individuals like Bruce Gilbert who make promises to gain support that get them elected to office, only to renege on their pledges. We're not picking on Mr. Gilbert, we are merely expressing that we did support his election based on promises he made during a meeting seeking our support...he failed us. Unless he does a 180, we will never support him again.

We want all candidates seeking support (especially ours) to understand that should we stand with you in a campaign, we will hold you accountable in office. Please be honest in your promises and your intent, and whatever you do, don't make promises you will not be able to keep, for that is the difference between an honest person and a politician. Remember the old adage -  "To err is human, but it takes a politician to really screw things up."

Be part of a productive solution, and not part of the problem.

VOTE to keep Gracedale in County hands, or
VOTE to sell it...but get out and vote.


  1. BO says that he exposed the Reverend,and he also adds that he was successful in terms of that attempt during the Business Matters show.
    All he did was expose himself for what he really is: confused and distorted.
    The point of my watching this show was to learn somethings about the issue of Gracedale.
    Instead, I see and hear BO worrying about the Reverend instead of the real issue.
    Do the people of Northgampton County really believe that this one Reverend can influence and exite all of our citizens?
    Actually, he seemed quite controlled and made every attempt to stay on target while he had to contend with insults being hurled at him.
    So now I am beginning to wonder who has given this BO the authority to do whatever he wants,and I have now seen who the person really is who wants to incite.
    Therefore, BO lost or maybe never had acceptable character and integrity.
    I am sorry, Reverend, that you were treated so badly.
    Gracedale will now get my vote.

  2. BO and Angle expected to demoralize the efforts of the Gracedale supporters on the Business Matters show. Instead their insults and bullishness have given that group more strength to continue to do what they believe is right for the residents of Northampton County and that is to have the right to vote!
    Who is this O'Hare anyway? A nobody who appears to be afflicted with delusions of granduer and a pathological liar who has a reserved seat in a very hot place. Perhaps Rev. Martinez prayers for BO will save his soul but I doubt it.

  3. Mr Gilbert always praises his "people of Easton" but he is not listening to his people. Instead he is putting his spin and talking in circles to avoid answering questions with a simple yes or no. Mr. Gilbert you had me fooled when I voted for you but, my eyes have been opened and I would never vote for you again. Try spinning that. Sincerely one of your people of Easton.