Saturday, April 2, 2011

Independents Can Vote

As we understand it, all electors including independents can vote in the May primary, however, independents can only vote specifically on the Gracedale referendum question...see you at the polls.


  1. O'Hare is touting an article, that not uncoincidentally features Stoffa, talking about the sales of nursing homes. It's a little convuluted, but it appears that Erie County is actually considering building a NEW nursing home. Also, although, there is no know connection between the wide spread corruption in both Lehigh and Luzerne counties and the sale of their nursing homes, the article does make it clear that neither county got any money for the homes. Likewise, Cambria got nothing for its home as well.

  2. Meant Lackawanna not Lehigh. I don't know of any corruption in Lehigh :)