Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What About Business Matters? Part - 2 Who Do You Serve?


When Bernie was asked by Iannelli about capital expenditures necessary at Gracdale, he stated "that's correct, the law firm that has been hired  to sell Gracedale has said that there is 80 million dollars in expenditures, we're talking about major expenditures - it's a money pit". Iannelli goes to Rev. Martinez who tries to share his view but is quickly and rudely interrupted by O'Hare when O'Hare heard the Rev use the words - widows and orphans - It appeared that he does not see the residents of Gracedale in the same light. Rev Martinez elaborated that the issue at hand is that 23k people signed our petitions and they should be allowed to vote on this issue...that's what this is all about. O'Hare of course disagreed and began a campaign of name calling, telling the Martinez that he is a phony reverend - Martinez responded by saying "that's your opinion, BO countered by saying that Martinez got his credential from a crackerjack box - the reverend firmly said "I serve God, who do you serve Satan?" Bernie was again asked by Iannelli to simmer down.

Iannelli then asked BO what was his motivation - BO responded by say that he does not like it when people form a mob - a lynch mob and try to take over their government - then he began calling Rev. Martinez names again. He insinuated that the Rev and the Coalition are liars, and Martinez countered by saying "Bernie the biggest liar here is you, followed by Angle."

We would like to point out that at this juncture Bernie pointed to the audience and you can easily see that he could not hold his hand steady, either nervous or effects of his dipsomania.

Rev. Martinez told Bernie that he is just a puppet for Angle, and Angle said anyone who knows Bernie knows he's no ones puppet - the audience disagreed. Rev. Martinez then took a strong position that BO and Angle should tell the truth, "why don't you tell the truth? - that Gracedale does not have to be sold. Why don't you leave the money in Gracedale when Gracedale makes some money? What about the 10 million dollars that Gracedale made that was spent on the courthouse? The Audience agreed by clapping.

Angle was asked a question by Iannelli, but before he could complete his answer Bernie came to the rescue, again calling the Rev. names and telling him he is a phony preacher - Martinez said to BO "your a legend in your own mind". BO had a revelation and stated that the Rev. applied for his ordination papers in 2007, then asked "do you know when he got them? in 2007.

We would like to point out that this really does not matter, however, O'hare lied yet again because the Rev. actually received his credentials in 2008 not 2007. In the grand scheme of things, how exactly does Rev. Martinez's credential play a part in this Gracedale saga?

The Rev. asked Bernie "so what does that matter?" then Martinez asked the million dollar question "Is this show about me or about Gracedale?" Iannelli told Bernie he (Martinez) makes a good point.

Iannelli also appeared baffled referring to Jerry Green as Steve, and when Jerry said to Tony "what is the question" Tony did not have a clue and everyone laughed.

Jerry Green went on to say that he believes his union has acted in good faith on many occasions dealing with the administration. He stated that back in 2008 Stoffa reneged relating to contract agreements. Subsequently, we renegotiated the contract where we took a big cut. I think we did our part.

Tony brought up Stoffa’s plan of doing Home Care and while he was trying to make a decent argument for Stoffa and the other two, he failed to say that not all residents of Gracedale, or any other nursing home facility are candidates for home care, certainly not Alzheimer’s and dementia residents.

Jerry went on to explain that CC has made mistakes in the past, and suggested that the issues at hand did not develop overnight. 11 out of the past 14 years the facility has made money and now all of a sudden it’s a problem, we deal with this in the private sector all the time.

To be continued…


  1. In Angle and Stoffa politics, the truth is strictly optional and that also seems to be true in parts of the media as we seen on this broadcast.

  2. Perhaps to save the taxpayer money, Ron Angle ought to take his uncle out of Gracedale and take him home.
    After all, he thinks that all families are trying to unload their elderly and sick loved ones.
    Hey ,buddy, if the shoe fits, wear it. Put your money where your mouth is!
    Isn't it amazing that staring now, Angle will not be able to scare anyone.
    How about BO,what a joke. He really believes that he is somebody who he isn't.
    Soon, all taxpayers are going to be learning how to deal with all of the rudeness and bad behavior that these people display.
    The only differnece is with Stoffa, he appears calm and gentle( one of the finest people who BO knows,who uses Angle and BO to do his dirty work.
    My advice is to rid yourselves of your favorite and elite blogger who is really doing both of you in with the public.
    Start talking to THE PEOPLE and not just your friends.You'll be surprised at what you might learn when you come back down to Earth.
    The onion peels are going to come off one by one.We shall finally begin to see and then CORRECT.