Friday, April 8, 2011

What About Business Matters? Part - 1 - In The Beginning

At First, we were grateful that Tony Iannelli considered us to go on his so called reputable show - Business Matters - only to discover that perhaps The Coalition of Alzheimer’s Families was set-up to take a fall.

We don't want to believe that Mr. Iannelli would stoop to the level of Angle and O'Hare, but if you consider the way the show started with Mr. Iannelli speaking first to Bernie O'Hare - What? Yes, that is correct...he started his reputable show with Bernie O'Hare, that makes one wonder.

And who is O'Hare, well we won't get into specifics but we will tell you that he holds no public office and if you watched the show you saw that he was not capable of holding his hand or his leg steady, not for even a second.

The question is why would Tony start with Bernie? Hmmm.
Bernie starts out asking - Why sell it? because right now it needs to be sold cause the county is losing 4.3 million dollars - What?...we thought it was 6 million, get your story straight.

He said that was one reason and Tony pressed him for more - I'll tell you right now the county is losing money. Really, then why did Councilwoman Peg Ferraro say openly in a recent council meeting that Gracedale only lost 2 million? We believe her before we will believe Angle or O’Hare, whom both have lost court cases relating to how poorly they tell the truth.

Then, get this…Angle of all people says “The number 1 thing is I’d like to see a polygraph test hooked up on some people (referring to people present in the studio) Rev. Martinez said “Starting with you” which stopped Angle dead in his tracks, causing him to look left at the Rev. in a menacing manner (watch the video) and causing everyone in the studio including Tony to laugh out loud. Then Tony asks Angle – do you want Bernie to jump in or, or? Angle spoke after that but watch his face…he is flustered. Then he gives Stoffa credit for being correct when we all know that in the past, especially dealing with the budget he claimed that Stoffa was yanking his chain…and Stoffa walked out…we all remember that don’t we?

Then he went on to say that the unions have said they would give back, but they haven’t gave anything back (man learn to talk before you speak), then he said the unions haven’t given back a nickel, at another point  he admits that no one twisted the unions arm to take the benefits that the Council agreed to give the unions. Yes of course he placed the blame on the democrats. Jerry Green tried to express his opinion only to be rudely interrupted by O’Hare talking about a big Rat – almost sounded like he was talking about Angle. Bernie was asked politely by Tony to behave himself.

…To Be Continued


  1. Tony Ianelli is a Ron Angle campaign contributor. What do you expect? The average person probably was more confused by the show than anything else.

  2. Does Mr. Ianelli support Mr. Angle because Mr. Angle engineered at "partnership" between the Lehigh Valley Econominc Development Corp. and the Chamber of Commerce ? Doesn't the partnership call for LVEDC to send a $50,000.00 per year check to the Chamber of Commerce ?

  3. It is a shame that John Stoffa is a part of this unholy trinity because he is the one who the people elected to protect us from these immoral antics. And who knows, perhaps we shall soon learn that there are other things going on which fall into other categories worse than antics.

  4. If BO can have the run of the Courthouse, why can't everyone? Of course, we would like the same preferential treatment in terms of directions and leads which is "royally" given to him.
    Some elected official(s) are benefiting from his "services."
    The WALL cannot be broken, and the County will soon know what is going on.
    I do not know if Stoffa and Angle really know who it is who is really hurting their reputations as far as their elected positions are concerned.
    If I were they, I would distance myself as far as I could from BO.
    The Petition Initiative has brought out the worse of BO, and he thinks that he is helping his buds out.
    Alice really must be in Wonderland.

  5. i reall y don't see the fairness in bernie ohare have acess to information you or i couldn't get access to , from the start i thought the process from the administration side was tainted by these actiond ... futhermore it makes absolutely no sense that a private law firm hired by the county would be having discussions with ohare free of chare .... at who's request ? i honestly never believed the county was playing fair in this whole matter and for sure is a black mark on this administration .... they've been exposed..

  6. Karen Dolan is a friend of Bernie O'Hare's. When you see her, let her know what you think.

  7. Who is Karen Dolan?

  8. I thought the broadcast was a total joke. Mr O'Hare bullied and name called. I don't feel everyone's voice was allowed to be heard and I don't feel any of the Facts were presented. I feel the Host leaned torward Mr O'Hare and Mr Angle and the whole show was disrespectful to Mr Martinez and Mr Green who were not really able to fully express anything. I Have to wonder why Mr James AFSME Council wasn't present on this Broadcast. Mr Green was present however I don't feel he contributed much except the same old thing we have heard over and over. I would like to hear him explain why in the past year his members haven't come to the table with give-backs especially when one of his members was one of the top three salary earners in the County.