Friday, April 1, 2011

One Down - One To Go

Victory against O'Hare...

Bernie may think it is an April fool joke, but it's not... YOU LOST Again.

More to come


  1. What a great lawyer that B.O. would make ?

  2. He had his chance at being an attorney, he failed. Sometimes failure IS the only option, when you are a colossal jerk.
    OH HAIR and "WHATS'HIS ANGLE?" have incurred my wrath. I won't rest until they no longer have a voice in county matters. I certainly hope everyone is in agreement that a consorted effort is required to remove
    "WHATS' HIS ANGLE?" from office, thus rendering OH HAIR "mute" and of no consequence. I don't enjoy being like this as it is not my nature, however, those two deserve it, for a multitude of reasons, both public and private.
    On another note the Morning Call had some sort of contest in which people cast votes for their favorite blogs. OH HAIRS didn't make it, I guess his 3 or 4 "supporters" couldn't vote enough times to put him in the bottom 100.
    You know about 12 people comment on his blog and 7 of them are OH HAIR
    Congrats OH HAIR you earned it!!!!

  3. Is there something wrong with O'hair ?

  4. Two courts have looked at the petitions and have ruled AGAINST Angle and O'Hare. Why then is O'Hare still claiming that circulators committed wrongdoing ?

  5. Because he is delusional!

  6. Bernie was dropped on his head after being born.Thats why he always comes unglued and rattled