Friday, January 25, 2013


County Executive John Stoffa finally admitted he is guilty of misusing tax dollars by publically accepting the responsibility of returning to the County $700.00 of misused tax dollars. For approximately a year and a half or so, Mr. Stoffa continued to deny his GUILT, but the pressure brought on by COAF's insistence that he be held accountable broke him.

During the courtesy of the floor at last night's County Council Meeting, our spokesperson Rev. Mario Martinez, speaking on behalf of the Coalition of Alzheimer's families question County Council whether or not they intended to do anything about the information provided in December of 2012 by County Controller Stephen Barron.

The information presented last December dealt specifically with the fact that Eckerd Seaman's (the legal firm hired by the county to sell Gracedale) had acknowledged to the Controller, that in deed at least two hours were billed for services rendered to two private citizens engaged in PRIVATE litigation against the tax payers of Northampton County. 

John Stoffa, apparently frustrated with COAF's continued effort to get to the TRUTH, decided to come clean after Councilman Lamont McClure question Mr. Stoffa during the Executive report.

Mr. McClure took Stoffa to task, expressing to Mr. Stoffa that while the provable amount today based on two hours was approximately $700.00, the initial amount relating to the misused funds was in the $11,000.00 range. Mr. McClure reminded Mr. Stoffa that at that time he (McClure) asked the Executive to return (paid back to the County) the misappropriated funds. It happened so fast! Mr. McClure was interrupted by Mr. Stoffa, who picked up his right hand and stated: "I'll pay back the $700,00". McClure appeared surprised to hear Stoffa finally admit his guilt, as well as was-everyone else in attendance.

Under his last breath John Stoffa said: "BLACKMAIL!" Well, he can call it anything he want's to, but as far as We The People are concerned - he proclaimed his guilt by agreeing to pay back the tax dollars that he knows he misused.

Mr. Stoffa may be under some illusion that this is all finally over...but it's not. He displayed frustration but not remorse, and he failed to apologize for his betrayal, which was a condition from his wife for forgiveness, or move out you will. For that failure We The People  once again call for his resignation with undisputable and proper reasoning. We will accept it immediately. If not, then to the federal government we will go for resolution. Please test our resolve again and maybe you will end up with your Bonus Gate buddies!

Understand John, you made the bed, and you (no one else) chose to sleep in it, and unfortunately for got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. The clock is ticking, we want a divorce...get out of the house now!

NO...nothing else will do!!!


  1. A true Perry Mason moment.

  2. To a logical person it would seem that when a public offical admits guilt to a crime the athorities SHOULD take appropriate action. Let's see if Morganelli does his job. If you or I commited a crime and admitted to it publically we would have been arrested on the spot. ILLEGAL USE OF TAXPAYER MONEY FOR ANY REASON IS A CRIME!!!! STOFFA ADMITTED DOING IT PUBLICALLY BY SAYING HE WOULD REPAY THE MONEY----NOT GOOD ENOUGH--U COMMIT THE CRIME--U DO THE TIME.

  3. Bernie the Blogger seems to have missed this part of the meeting. Nothing on HIS Blog on this. SHOCKING.

  4. the next guy who needs to get off his ass is MORGANELLI. This is Bonusgate on the Delaware. Com'on John. it is all there in the Morning Call

    1. Where in the MCALL is it. Please point me to it. Thanks

  5. Did not the County Council react to this admission of guilt?
    They represent all of us.
    When our Exec actually admits to the misappropriation of public funds,one would expect some type of reaction.
    It seems to me,so far, that Council is allowing him to use our money illegally if they allow this to go unpunished.
    What do we teach our
    own children when they are very young and take something that does not belong to them?
    Whether one cent or a million dollars,Council MUST do its job!
    Kudos to Mr. McClure for having the guts to do what he was elected to do.
    Some body must keep our local government HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY as they work to represent us.

  6. Thank you , Mr. McClure you brought the truth out to the public , and on type no less couldn't be any better.
    Iam not pleased with the rest of the council that just sat there with there hands in there pockets you had the truth presented to you in black and white and did nothing.
    Now it is time for you Mr.Morganelli to do your job if it were someone on the street they would be behind bars already or are you going to continue keeping your hands in your pockets ? It has gone on long enough the Tax payers of Northampton County deserve action.


  7. Bernie Bernie what do you have to say??? Admit you've been wrong about so many things and we will forgive you. Until you do it again.

  8. COUNCIL WAKE UP---- your leader just admitted he illegaly used taxpayer money to help with private should have IMMEDIATELY--I SAID IMMMEDIATELY SAID===THIS HAS TO BE TURNED OVER TO THE DA. What is wrong with you. To do nothing is to condone his illegal activity making YOU as guilty as him. And Laur--what a waste ---he should have advised council what they shoul do. What a bunch of idiots we have put into office with the exception of Mr. McClure who had the courage to approach a subject the remainder of council has been avoiding for far too long. Stoffa may think by repaying the money gets him off the hook. Horse thieves weren't spared the noose by returning the horse. BTW once again the Express fails to report on an important issue...why bother to have a reporter present at these meetings?

  9. Hello folks,

    I saw the video where Mr. Stoffa so casually shirks off the $700 subsidy , as if it were no big deal at all. I disagree.

    Earlier this year, I had the audacity to question a bill from my government, the Borough of West Easton, and the disagreement escalated into a loud argument where some curse words were used. I removed some papers from the bulletin board which cost $1.50. The Easton Police Department rushed to the rescue and charged me with 2 summary offenses.

    Though tapping a great lawyer, I also had to tap my bank account for $376.00 to pay a disorderly persons fine on a summary conviction.

    When I reflect upon the police state we are becoming as a nation, I fear all persons who dispute a bill (loudly) will be stripped of some money and forced through the court system unnecessarily.

    If we do the math on this one, I had to pay a 376% shark fee for my alleged crime. Apply that percentage to the $700 that was taken by Stoffa and diverted to Ekert Seamans, and we have a fine of $263,000.00. I think the DA should press the charges, and the fine should be split by the trio of Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare.

    1. Trish, as a fellow West Eastonian hearing about potential run for CC I am ecstatic but a little concerned there is work for you to do in our own little town that would give county voters more of a reason to consider you. When is Mayor Gross up for Election and would you consider running against him?

  10. I am finished with west easton and their empire of tyranny, tax hikes and waste. In order to be successful in any election there, one must have a 7th grade education, as does Tom Nodoline (who I heard is running for Mayor) or the inability to subsist or harmonize anywhere outside the confines of. 5 mile West Easton. Broad minds who think outside the box are treated like Nelson Mandela, subjected to Marshall Law, and treated like a treasonous war criminal. The current cartel who governs that Borough will all reign on another 50 years until they croak in council chambers, after taxing themselves and all citizenry out their houses. West Easton is on its way to being the most expensive place to live in America.