Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Nonsense...

...Is spewing out of the mouth of the nonsensical ignoramus.

Get a load of this - John Stoffa is in charge of the county, but, when the bridges are falling down, according to the king of nonsense, that's Mr. McClure's fault. Yeah Right!!!

John Stoffa has neglected the entire county, that too is Lamont's fault.

I think we should blame Lamont for everything!
Check this out:
  • Gracedale has been neglected for years and is in need of repairs - blame Lamont.
  • County building have been neglected for years - blame Lamont.
  • The bridges have been neglected for years - blame Lamont.
We're sure that Lamont is responsible for something, but, come-on folks. Is it even possible that Lamont is responsible for Stoffa's failure's? We think not! Reality is - we all own our own failure's. The nonsensical-ignoramus for example, is a supreme court declared liar and loser who's failures are his own failures, no one else's.

John Stoffa has much to be ashamed of, starting with his alignment to the likes of Ron Angle and Bernard O'Hare. All three of these poor excuses for anything have out-right lied to us, and continue to do so today.

John Stoffa's failure (which are many) belong to him. All Stoffa's has to do is own up to them. He won't because he has no self respect. Only a real man of honor would own up to his failures, and certainly John Stoffa doesn't even know how to spell the word honor.

Mr. Stoffa - regardless what your henchman say's, you are the one are the greatest failure Nor-Co has ever had the displeasure of electing.


  1. O'Hare's sick and weird obsession with Lamont McClure seems to continue unabated. It's interesting to note, that Lamont's position is identical to Jerry Seyfried's. I wonder if O'Hare will be naming a bridge after Jerry. I doubt it because O'Hare's sick and weird obsession over Jerry is a little more subtle.

  2. Mr. Stoffa should probably be removed by County Council. He has sued taxpayers using taxpayer money. He has illegally interfered with the District Attorney's Office. He is now abusing the Administrative Code to circumvent the power of County Council. Will any Council member stand up and say enough is enough ? Scott ? Bob ?

  3. Agreed. He is disgusting. Stoffa is trying to jam eight years of government into one. Too bad he wasn't doing his job all a long.

    I hope county council does not green light mroe spending by this maniac. He has already said Gracedale will be the cause of a tax increase in the future. Now he is spending money like a drunk sailor. Hopefully county council can put two and two together and see the game Stoffa is playing.

    As for the Wolf building, the price he got was not that great and had been offered in the past. The big question is how much for the lease of the warehouse from the new owners?

    I hope someone on county council demands the facts and figures on that lease before they blindly accept the sale. Stoffa won't talk about the lase because we are probably helping the guy buy the building by signing a ridiculously high lease for the warehouse.

    Never saw a more sneaky and dishonest county official in the history of the county.

  4. It's really up to Bob Werner to show some leadership. Bob talks a lot, but really doesn't have anything to say that makes much sense. His plan to give Merril Lynch 20 million was a disaster.

  5. The Hairball is good for one thing--to laugh at. Lamont should feel delighted that he makes Hairball go nuts. The Hairball is just getting his due.

  6. A bond is a ridiculous idea unless, at the county level, its $50 million (minimum). It does not pay to bond for a smaller amount because the fees involved are clearly grotesque. The $110,000,000 Reibman bond got through, even though I voted against it in 1999 (I think) . I thought that was supposed to pay for the entire jail renovation. I hear that the jail needs to be fixed, but now I hear the bridges should be done first.

    John Stoffa wants to be the king of "no tax hikes." Though I am grateful that Stoffa and council did not raise my taxes for 8 years, except for a .5 mill increase, I do not doubt that Mr. Stoffa will try to increase taxes on his way out the door to please Mr. Callahan.

    I say, shut down the bridges if they are not safe. We should not reward mismanagement with a bond or a tax hike. When the bridges are closed because they are not safe, we have no one to thank but Mr. Stoffa for failing to install a long term infrastructure management plan.

    $186,000 parking spaces and a new $1,000,000 human services building are mismanagement examples of the Stoffa years. I have heard that the jail is in a horrible state of disrepair. I say, lets find a way to take care of our infrastructure without expanding the size or the amount of government. We already have an expanded jail in West Easton...use that, and stop spending!!

  7. No one on council has any backbone to challenge Stoffa. really sad

  8. If the votes go well this November, I think we can have one of the best county councils in a long time.

  9. They will have alot of work to do with the damage Stoffa has done..This county will be reeling for years...For years..

  10. People and taking care of people are the priority. So Infastructure is included!!

    Forget the jails, the criminals can wait. I'm tire of paying for freeloaders are the dregs of society.

    Besides Prison is supposed to be rough and nasty to try to deter people from wind there, but our screwed up society plays HGTV for these holding places of the scurge of society.

  11. this is great and honest critic of john stoffa , he is the worst county executive i can ever remember... he is a dishonest man , when he was elected the first time he had no clue what he was doing and held on to angle and oharres nose hairs ... they were running the county not stoffa... he listens to bad advice ,gossip, incredably decietful , and seems to enjoy hurting as many people as possible, he is a huge disappointment as a government representive of the people in northampton county, jerry siegfried is one of the best and brightest the county has to offer the reason ohare crawls up his ass is because he knows jerry won't take his crap ! heckman and seigfreid can and will straighten out the mess stoffa made and they will do it with honesty and integrity !!! great ,great , post !!