Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last Public Meeting

Last night, Mr. Angle and his few calculated incorrectly again. They had setup up 200 chairs expecting a large crowd who would support his position, but were disappointed to see the usual 35-40 people, most of which support keeping Gracedale in the hands of the County.

Mr. Angle should be applauded for reconsidering his position on the "Detention Center" in Mt. Bethel, should he drop his support for the detention center, as he is supposed to during this evenings County Council meeting. He was quoted as saying "I'm a great believer in democracy and the overwhelming majority of people are telling me they don't want it," he said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon. The report also stated that he had taken heat from 400 residents of the affected area. While this turn of events is commendable, we wonder why he, and County Council have not heard the People of the County who have been telling them, over and over, that they want a vote on the Gracedale issue.

Mr. Angle knows by now that the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families has well over 10,000 verified petition names, many of which are from his district. This does not include the petitions that COAF is holding back. So why is he not listening to the people in this matter?

The Coalition wants Mr. Angle and his few to know that this is not a matter of winning or losing, it is about doing what is morally correct, come what may.

We humble ourselves, and respectfully ask that Council reconsider this matter as well. Mr. Angle and his few must comprehend that 10,000 names in less than a month, with approximately 700 petitions still in the field, or in our possession, is an overwhelming voice, certainly much more than 400. Why aren't you hearing us? Is it possible that you believe that we are not determined enough to achieve our goal? Wrong again. Have we not demonstrated by our actions that we are committed to this moral cause beyond our own benefit? All four supposed to be “town meeting” were humming with our presence, and that ladies and gentlement will continue until forever.

We are not your enemies Council; we are “The People”, your bosses. We implore you to consider giving Gracedale at least three years to pick itself up with the full support of County Council. If you formulate a reasonable operating plan, Gracedale can continue to be the Gem of Northampton County into the future. Imagine, if we had put the same amount of energy into repairing the broken heart of Gracedale that we have into this strife, we could be enjoying the great tasting fruit of community, rather than the bitter taste of disunity. It is time to put this matter behind us, work together, and set an example for the nation, and the world to see.


  1. Was Angle's drunk blogger there?

  2. didn't see him . he must have been delayed some where

  3. Good work COAF keep it up.
    Let them know " WE THE PEOPLE ' are not going to give up, and will not go away.
    Thank's for all your hard work.

  4. O'Hare and Angle are both scum. Angle gives O'Hare booze money.