Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What You Believe

Residents of NorCo, people of the county, brothers and sisters in Christ, please understand that Gracedale will not be sold unless we give up...We all need to believe this in order for it to be true. Continue to fight is what we must do.

Believe in this cause, and we can not fail. Believe in what Ron says, and he will surely set us up to fail, just as he has done with Gracedale. Just as he attempted to do with Mr. Stoffa, just like he is presently doing to certain members of council, and just like what he is trying to do to us, and to you.

We the People, the taxpayers who actually pay the bills, will prevail in Saving Private Gracedale, not because we are smarter than Ron, but because the Sovereign Lord says we will, for with him on our side, who would dare be against us?
What we believe will determine what we'll do...put on the Full Armor Of God, and prepare to do battle to complete the mission.

There is no giving up! The end is definitely near, but it is near for Ron, not for Gracedale. Gracedale is destined by the Lord Jesus Christ to continue to serve the Northampton County widows and the orphans until He decides differently. It is His intended purpose...and His will. Trust in that and we will not fail.

Rev. Mario Martinez

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