Monday, November 8, 2010

Ron Makes His Own Facts

On Business Matters this evening, Ron Angle was exposed as a person that makes his own facts. This means that the facts he puts out, are often, if  not always, facts that he creates. For example, it was a fact according to Mr. Angle that if the 2011 budget would include Gracedale, it would also have to include a 20% tax increase. Well, we knew that was fiction, because our great executive Mr. Stoffa put a budget on the table with 0% tax increase, with Gracedale funded for a full year. That by the way is an actual fact. We also know that Mr. Angle chose to put together his own budget, which also was reported in the news papers had been padded so that Mr. Angle could present the illusion that he had reduced it. But most interesting is the actual fact that even his budget, fully funding Gracedale for six months has 0% tax increase. If we believe Mr. Angle, shouldn't it have had a 10% increase? So, was it really a fact that funding Gracedale required a yearly 20% tax increase? Obviously not, it was just one of Ron's facts, or better stated, misrepresentation.

Ironically, during the final minutes of the program this evening, he asked one of the panel members not to be rude because she was interrupting him, she responded something like "I'm only doing what you do".

Now he has another rumor going around suggesting that since the budget passed they will in fact sell Gracedale by May. all we can say.

Residents of Northampton, please understand that Mr. Angle lives in, as he would say, "la la land", always making up his own outcomes. And his outcomes can become reality only if we buy into his imagination.

Make no mistake about it, the only way that Gracedale will be sold ladies and gentlemen, is if WE THE PEOPLE allow it. Most of the folks we've been talking to (9 out of 10) will not allow it, and we're sure we will prove that at the polls in May.

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