Friday, November 19, 2010

Angle "What is the address of your church"

During the November 18, 2010 Council meeting Mr. Angle ask our spokesperson Rev. Mario Martinez "what is the address of your church?" The reverend asked Mr. Angle "what does that have to do with the price of beef sir" Mr. Angle asked "what?” Reverend Martinez said again "what does that have to do with the price of beef, how exactly is that information pertinent to my representation?” Mr. Angle replied "okay, we'll proceed without it.

For those of you out there that perhaps don't understand the issue with the church question, please note that when we first asked Rev. Martinez to be our spokesperson almost three years ago, he expressed that standing up on the Gracedale issue(s) as only he as a member of clergy has, can cause any church that he is labeled affiliated with, unnecessary problems, also known as “Persecution”. Mr. Angle asking this question during the meeting, without providing any rational reason for the question surly presents credibility to the Reverends concerns.

Why would Mr. Angle ask such a question? To the Coalition at least, it is now quite clear, and certainly understandable why the reverend refuses to name any church(s) that he may be affiliated with, or worship at.

It should be noted that Mr. Stoffa held the Reverends credentials in his hands, as did Mr. Gilbert, as well as others on county council, some of which said it was unnecessary to see the document. One can conclude that they trust the reverend is who he claims to be, a member of clergy. Mr. Angle who was publicly given the opportunity has not approached the reverend on the matter.

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Family's would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere apologies to reverend Martinez for putting him in this position. We also want to thank him for believing in our cause, the employee's of Gracedale thank you as well for standing up as you have. And most importantly, all of the residents at Gracedale thank you for caring enough to risk persecution.

Stay tuned...more to come on this meeting.


  1. Angle was not provided with your "credentials," nor were they offered. I was with him on the night the offer was supposedly made, remember? I have specifically asked to see them, and have been specifically refused. I'd like to know what seminary you attended, etc. Anyone can call himself a minister. If you are a "Man of God," I am Mary Poppins.

    Since ou wanted to know which Council member represents you, Angle wanted to know the address of your church bc it might be in a different Council District than the one in which you resie. That's what that address has to do with the price of beef.

    You refused to provide the address of your church because you have no church and are no minister.

    What you are is a phony who has posted and allowed all kinds of mean-spirited and vicious personal and unChristian attacks aimed at Angle and me.

  2. Ron has never ever approached me requesting to see my credentials, and anyone who goes on-line can view the video of me telling him to see me at the Tic Toc that evening. I can't help that he chose not to see me on it. In fact, that is the very same evening that Mr. Stoffa held my credentials in his hand.

    As for you, well, allow me to evangelize to you, sit with me civilly to read the Gospels, and I will be willing to present my credentials to you. Otherwise, what would be the purpose? Who are you Bernie, other than a disbarred attorney who takes pleasure hurting others?

    Jesus loves you Bernie – God Bless You.

    Rev. Martinez

  3. Hey bernie, according to the constitution all that is needed for the purpose of identifying a persons representation is their address. church has absolutley nothing what so ever to do with how a person is represented. If your suggesting it does then there is a problem because the constition says different. It behoves you to be careful how you represent Ron.

    mary poppins huh - more like humpty dumpty

    we the people are watching all of you

  4. More like Tweedledee...

  5. Phoney,meanspirted, and vicious!!!
    Please notice 2 things:
    1. When individuals sink to the level of worrying about a rev's ministerial certifucation and church address instead of the issues, it would seem to me that somebody is getting concerned and/or worried about something.
    2. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Not bad for a secular person who cares about the issues and not which church one attends or manages.

  6. I am always wary of false prophets, and you are one of them.

  7. O'hare you need all the bleesings anyone is willing to bestow on you. You and Ron lie all the time. The public is not an ignorant or as forgetfull as you hope. Ron's feet of clay are beginning to crumble. Can't wait till the spring election!

  8. Prophet? Perhaps the minister is rubbing off on you!

  9. "Who are you Bernie, other than a disbarred attorney who takes pleasure hurting others?

    Jesus loves you Bernie – God Bless You.

    Rev. Martinez "

    This is from a professed Christian? This is from a cleric? Your distortion of Jesus' teachings are very frightening. I pray for you that you will see God's will and discern more carefully because, you are distorting Sacred Scripture! We are all children of God. Not one more loved than the other. In mocking Bernie, you are drinking the cup of judgment against yourself and mocking a creation made in the image of the Creator.

    My friend, I would like to know who authored this column. If it was the Reverend himself, he is already committing an act of vanity and misleading his "flock." This is not being very truthful, if the Reverend was the author, and it is very counter-productive. This is purposely misleading to garner any support and sympathy for this cause. This is shameful.

    I also have a problem with this:

    We reserve the right to remove any comments not posted in good taste, or that can be considered derogatory or discriminating. If you don't agree, please don't post. Any prolonged abuse will be reported. "

    This is the disclaimer on this blog. Please don't post? So you want only views that are similar to yours? Are you sure you are a Christian?

    Lastly, I have a problem with the perception of Reverend Mario Martinez. If he is trully a cleric, he would have dressed accordingly. Also, he would have provided any information, freely and willingly regarding his credentials. He would have do so to not cause any further problems. And he would have done so out of love.

    Carrying the Cross of Jesus' is something a cleric welcomes. If a person is "chosen" to evangelize, he would not shy away from bearing those burdens associated with trials. Fear of persecution in this world is not tolerated in the life of a cleric: for they can harm only the body. They cannot harm the spirit. We are creatures of another and better world...

    Peace be with you.

  10. This line of questioning reminds me of the TEA Partiers and rightwing lunatic fringe. They insist that Obama show them or present to Rush Limbaugh his OFFICIAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Also in question are the Obamas' faith. They have conveniently forgotten the Obamas' were taken to task by them for sitting in Rev. Wrights Christian Church for 20 years listening to what was discribed as hatespeech. Now ...well ....maybe... he is a Muslim.
    This is what the country has fallen to, bullying from the ignorant, the easily led, the under achievers, the ostracized drunken disbarred lawyers, the sociopaths.
    Mario, I am speaking to you now. I don't care what church you are affiliated with or if you are affiliated with any church. I know you have only good in your heart and want the best for Gracedale. I applaud you and I am inspired by you and your resolve. I suggest you not engage these neer-do-wells in conversation, stick to the task at hand. I will not quote the Bible however I will pass a saying on to you.
    This Ohare and Angle duo have made their beds and must now lay in them. You know they will take pleasure if we fail. That is the classic definition of a sociopath. They exhibit these qualities everyday. Not just the Gracedale issue EVERY ISSUE. Ohare has gone as far as to make comments on his blog, inuendo I might add, that it is getting colder and the days are shorter so as to demoralize us from obtaining signatures. This only invigorates me so it is to no avail.
    The voters have gotten, through this process an eyefull an eyeopener. I hear it daily from all corners of the county, a change will be made in May from this embarressment we now endure. So let them keep being themselves. They will self distruct.
    Peace Brother

  11. You couldn't have said it any better, anonymous 11:24PM.

  12. Mario Martinez is well endowed with the spirit of the heavenly father, in addition to his third leg.