Monday, November 15, 2010

The Dale of Gracedale

NorCo Residents, here is evidence that will satisfy the reason for keeping Gracedale, please examin, then look for one of COAF's reps to sign a petition.

Can Mr. Angle dispute these numbers - absolutely not...How will he counter this? By disregarding as an agency that doesn't know what they are doing...after all Mr. Angle has stated publicly on more than one occasion that Government can't do anything right.
Hmmm, perhaps we should privatize County Council.

The petition drive is definitely in full motion, and doing very well...Numbers will be presented soon. Mr. Angle and his council dictators must know by now that "We The People" mean business. We the people will not fail, and we will not allow this gem of gems to be snatched from our crown jewels.

Mt. Bethel, know that COAF is on your side. Mr. Angle and County Council can hear your voice, they're just not listening to you, that's how it is down here too. Mr. Angle is from your is time to retire him, talk to you soon.


  1. If Mr. Dietrich had performed his assessment assignment correctly,should he have not known this before he presented his public report?
    And if this is new info, should he not be updating this info with the Council and the public he serves?

  2. Absolutly - Mr. Dietrich should stop following the blind man while wearing a blindfold, doing so will cause him to fall with his leader. Stand on your own Mr. Dietrich, do what is morally correct...or be a one termer. We can only support you if you do the right thing...come what may.

  3. Thank you ! this tell's it ALL.
    Gracedale is the best, and will continue to be the best thanks to the people
    " we the people " those
    who are not turning there backs on the residents of Gracedale, and continue to fight for what is right. Let the residents of Northampton County vote on it ....
    Thank you again !