Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mount Bethel "Proposed Detention Center" Rescinded

Great news for the Slate Belt...the the original resolution for the proposed detention center was rescinded. Mr. Angle wore egg on his face, and bit his tongue until he could no longer, lashing out at a MB resident that put him in his place.

What ever you do MB, don't forget what Mr. Angle tried to do to you again, retire him in May, that's the plan.

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  1. So according to the "yellow journalists" blog, the Lehigh Valley 9/12 Tea Partys' Matt Benol
    presented council with a letter commending the county for not raising taxes and keeping the layoffs to a minimum for 2011 budget.
    They just failed to mention that the minimum they refer to is 800 people who will be laid off if Gracedale is sold.
    That is some interesting cyphering by
    "that thar Tea Party".