Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Public Meeting #3 at Bangor

We counted about (35) thirty five people, not counting of course the representatives, county employees, or media (we also did not count Mr. Angles blogger, nor his sidekick). Most of the people present were employees of Gracedale, and Gracedale resident family members. Most who spoke had genuine concerns.

The presenter Mike Miller, was proper in his presentation, however, he presented bar charts and data that were of course pro sale. When our spokesperson Rev. Martinez spoke, he pointed out that bar charts can be made to appear favorable or unfavorable depending on the data used. He also provided a fact sheet of data which refuted the data presented by the council. See Link for report:

Our spokesperson also pointed out that it was interesting that Mr. Angle felt strongly about the employees not being given an opportunity by the union to vote on negotiation items, but was not so concerned about the tax payers who have been pleading for an opportunity to vote on the "sale of Gracedale" issue.

Interesting to say the least, because when our spokesperson asked if the ET poll, which clearly showed that 91.22% of their readers were in favor of the "voters to decide", was meaningful to the council, he received no response from anyone on the panel. Note that with two, possibly three exceptions, council has turned a deaf ear on its people, forcing the people to petition for their right to vote on the issue. We have to ask why doesn't Mr. Angle feel so strongly about the tax payers voting? Could it be that he believes that the people will vote in favor of keeping Gracedale, even if it means a tax increase? Hmmm. Consider this, who would a tax increase affect more, Mr. Angle with over sixty properties in the county, or Joe Average with a single mortgage? Do the math, what may cost the average tax payer $100.00 more per year can cost Mr. Angle possibly more than $10,000.00 per year. Who exactly is Mr. Angle doing a favor for? Are we sure he’s not just helping himself?

Our spokesperson continued by also pointing out to the Dauphin County Commissioner, with all due respect, that a new report presented on clearly illustrates in comparison that where Dauphin County has one star, Gracedale has three stars. And in the area of overall quality Dauphin County has 2 stars, and Gracedale has 5 out of 5 stars. The materials were left for the panel to review. See Link for report:

Mr. Angle took some more questions presenting as usual, some misinformation. He stated in one instance that Mr. Stoffa had put a budget on the table with an 18.5 % increase - NOT TRUE - we were at that meeting, Mr. Stoffa put a budget on the table that really angered Mr. Angle because it had a 0% increase giving all county departments the funds necessary to operate through 2011. This was the meeting that many of you may recall was publicized in the media as Mr. Angle blowing a cork, and later had to apologized to Mr. Stoffa.

Mr. Angle also said that he had reduced the 18.5 % to 0%, patting himself on the back; the only problem here is that the newspaper had reported that the budget Mr. Angle was referring to had been padded in order to be reduced. He wants to always look good but that is hard to do when you are constantly speaking less than the truth.

Mr. Angle says that we need a 20% increase yearly over the next 5 years to run Gracedale, instead of saying we need a 20% increase to run the county. He also conveniently forgets to mention that his 20% prediction is assuming that Gracedale doesn't go into the black again, which will certainly occur once we elect new competent council members that can run government effectively. Anyone who attends any of the council meetings these days is bound to hear Mr. Angle say that Government cannot work as well as the private sector, if that is true, then why is the government constantly bailing out the private sector? The auto and banking industries are two that we can recall from recent times.

And in the mist of all of this, Mr. Angle votes in favor of farmland preservation? Could it be perhaps, that he is interested in increasing the value of his farm(s)? Helping himself once again? Hmmm. Mr. Angle seems to know all the angles doesn't he? He just didn't calculate on a radical group as he calls them, by the name of COAF, out to defend the cause of the weak and indigent, and Alzhiemer's afflicted people that can not speak for themselves. "We the People" Mr. Angle, ask you stop doing us any more favors please, and as such, we will promise to do you a favor in May, retire you, and those that follow you.

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  1. Very well spoken and the truth at that. something we don't hear too much of these days.