Saturday, November 6, 2010

Council Six - Who Do You Serve?

At one time or another, Mr. Angle has chastised one or more of you, and you all know it. Most recently, he chastised you publicly Mr. Dietrich. What about you Mr. Gilbert, who do you serve, Mr. Angle, or the people who elected you? And you Mr. Cusick, you really seem like a person who cares, but just like the others you have been led astray.

Gentlemen, we believe that the three of you have the potential to be the future of Northampton County politics, but as such, you have to be able to stand on your own. You have to be able to see the reality of what Gracedale means to the community without being influenced by a self righteous, self serving individual who cares about nothing but his own interest. Why doesn't he want to raise taxes even when necessary? Because he owns over 60 properties, and he will be impacted more than the average taxpayers. Why is he so interested in farmland preservation? Because he owns farmland property in the county. In fact, he owns the property around the planned detention center which no one else wants, but he is cheerfully in favor of. We're not making any of this up gentlemen - you know this is truth.

Don't be blinded by his smoke and mirrors act. Surely he doesn't care about any of you. His one and only desire is that you vote the way he wants you to. He will say and promise anything, until the time comes to discard you as he is trying to discard of Gracedale.  

We the People want to believe in you, but more importantly we want you to believe in yourselves. Be the independent leaders we believe you can be, or be the followers that Mr. Angle wants you to be, his followers.

Whatever you decide to do, do not deceive yourselves. Take a look at his life and see who he really is, then ask yourselves, is that who you want to be. We are almost certain that you will agree that men of good morals and substance do not attack the people they are to serve, on the contrary, they demonstrate loyalty. And generally speaking, the loyalty is returned especially at the polls. Your political careers can be long lived, or short termed. The choice is certainly yours to make, chose wisely.

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