Friday, November 12, 2010

Same Circus Act

The Hanover Township public meeting last night produced no new fruit. In fact, it was the same circus act of recent times.

it is very apparent that the chair has recruited two specific individuals, George Burns, and Gracie Allen to do his dirty work, only problem is that they are not very clever, nor even funny. George says the same thing over and over like a scratched record. And Gracie, well, she is so fixed on one opponents frustration because the chair never wants to allow him to talk, that she does not realize just how bad Ron is behaving. She's not acting either, she's just not the brightest bulb in the package.

Okay, enough of the non-sense. Mr. Dietrich didn't look so good coming in late, trying to tell the people in attendance that they really don't want the chair or his allies managing Gracedale, oops, he was chastised for his ignorance. Mr. Dietrich doesn't understand that we not only reject the chair as management for Gracedale, we also reject his management style for our county as well.

The message at the polls in 2011 will be crystal clear to the chair when he is provide walking papers, and it behoves the others to take notice for their fate may be the same. The people are tired of being controlled, tired of being led by a chain around our necks. With the Constitution in one hand, and the Home Rule Charter in the other, we will break the chains of oppression, and live free  by the will of the people.

Good luck to those in Mt. Bethel that have declared their own war on Mr. Angle for pushing a detention center with out permission from the people...please feel free to call upon us should you require assistance. We will be more than happy to join forces with you in an effort to bring down this tyrant, and any of his allies on council. They do not comprehend that the council is supposed to serve the people, not oppressed them, But as history has taught us, they will surely learn. It is inconceivable in this day and age to think that we could go to war with Iraq to take down the tyrant Saddam, and missed the one we have in NorCo. Well, your in our sights now.


  1. So very well said!! Missed this circus, but hope to see the circus in Palmer Township!

  2. Who is George Burns?

  3. george is a follower of angle = didnt u get it?

  4. Chris Miller spoke last night and had a spot in the Easton Express today. If you read any of his comments of the past you will get a sense he is a angry man. A retired teacher he is receiving unfunded pension payments at the taxpayers expense. He now begrudges the same entitlements he has come to enjoy. Prehaps we can stop funding his pension, maybe they can sell a school to provide the monies he will receive. Hypocrisy is alive and well in the Valley.

  5. Why doesn’t COAF join forces with the good people of Mt. Bethel and begin to help each other?

    This could be the beginning of bringing more people into the political system to force OUR opinions onto our Elected representatives who work for US!

  6. El Blanquito
    First things first, although this may not be considered multi-tasking as there is a common enemy.