Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do The Right Thing

The County Council meeting on 11/18/10 began with much talk from Mt. Bethel residents opposing the proposed detention center, which resulted in a decision by CC to rescind the original proposal. Ms. McHale voted "yes", noting for the record, that she had voted "no" to the original resolution. The only "no" vote came from Mr. Gilbert, with no explanation, Mr. McClure was not present.

We were all somewhat confused that evening however, because Mr. Angle had been characterized in the newspapers as taking heat from 400 Mt. Bethel residents, which resulted in his decision to change his tune on the immigrant’s prison. But with all his brilliance, it appeared he could not comprehend that the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families actually had over 10,000+ verified petition names at that point in time, many of which are from the Slate Belt. Why? Why? Why couldn't he see that 10,000+ is so much greater than 400. Yes Mr. Angle, it is, trust us when we inform you that it is.

So, the million dollar question continues to be...why are you still not listening to us? We humbly requested through our spokesperson that you not allow us to complete this mission. You must really be seeking retirement in May. Put the question on the ballot Mr. Angle, and perhaps you'll have a chance. But know that all hope for re-election is lost if you don't. 

Why are you forcing the people to do what has never been done before? Don't you see that if successful, it will be your political down fall for forcing the matter? The people are tired Mr. Angle, especially those from the Slate Belt, of the lack of proper representation they have been receiving from you.

The Coalition in deed, and in fact, has 10,000+ names in less than a month, and we have been working endlessly to make sure that we get what we need. Yes, we are now withholding the petitions because we are hopeful that you will do the right thing on December 9th, 2010. Unlike you Mr. Angle, we don't want to waste county money and time, just in case you decide to do the right thing. If not, we will submit prior to the deadline date. Also know that we are not in the habit of bluffing, we do have a good amount of the petition names needed, with well over 500 petitions circulating as we write this blog, and a month and a half to go. To borrow from Mr. Stoffa, we are "hellbent", we will get the numbers we need Mr. Angle, so why not just do the right thing? Remember, This is not about winning or losing, it's about doing what is right...just simply doing what is right...and it is always right to do what the people want.


  1. Are you serious? Mr A. always does what is good for him. How can he even think of how others feel when he is incapable of caring for his own?
    Does anyone really believe he did an about face on the matter of the detention center because he cared about the thoughts and feelings of the good citizens of Upper Mt. Bethel?He was thinking of May and their votes for him,nothing more.

  2. Some of us here in his area dont vote much but in this upcoming election im getting registered and and i will vote but not for him for whoever is against him i am sick of him

  3. Let's think about Ron's constant comments about his love for democracy and the American Way:
    1. Upper Mt. Bethel- the people came to SPEAK.They filled out cards instead.
    2.Everyone would have a chance to be heard.At 8p.m. sharp, the presenters left, got into their limo, and went to their hotel or to the airport.
    3. The question was asked countless times,"Who started this?" Never really answered truthfully at least according to the photo in the Express Times with you know smiling.
    4. The question remains,"Who started this detention center idea?" Can you smell who is pulling the strings?

  4. The real question is/are:

    Do you really have the signed petitions you say you are holding? If so, just file them. If not, stop bluffing.

    The referendum, to be fair, must also state the tax increase required to subsidize Gracedale's operations going forward. You can't say "save Gracedale," but provide no means for paying the bills.

    We must remember that while everyone is fighting over what to do, we must remember that patients require care and shouldn't be used by either side to make their points.

  5. Then why don't the 2 sides get together as fair-minded people and resolve All the issues thru the ballot process?
    Then all members of our Community can decide what they want to do.
    Cannot a referendum that meets the expectations of our NORCO voting citizens be reworded and voted upon?
    Power To The People! Let the people decide,and let FREEDOM ring!

  6. 1:31 posting sounds foolish. Would you really prefer that the Coalition waste county dollars? Thats just dumb. Anyway in the end you will discover who is bluffing. This matter should just be resolved by doing exactly what the post suggest - doing the right thing. I suspect that regardless what happens with gracedale (sell or keep) in May your boss is gone, we're fedup with his strong arm tactics, and many in the belt are not taking it anymore.

  7. For the question to indicate a tax increase, we have to know that an increase is necessary. Mr. Stoffa put a budget funding Gracedale for a year on the table with NO TAX INCREASE. Mr. Angle had an inflated budget so that it could appear that he made brilliant cuts, with NO TAX ICREASE funding Gracedale for six months. Lets tell the truth, the NorCo tax payers have been overtaxed for too long now. The money is just being stock-piled to serve the wants of council, not the needs of the people. And lastly, what if GD goes into the black because it is being managed correctly, then what happens to the 20%?

  8. Hey 1:31 is it true that this group has 10k+? if yes - then they are right. Why not just let the residents decide? If the man does not want the people to show him up, why won't the council members put it on the ballot themselves. SOmething fishy here. Doesn't smell right ;-)

  9. Why can't our County Council do their job and create a budget based upon the NEEDS of all of the citizens of our county?
    I can understand the County Council's President's personal blogger calling and saying mean-spirited comments about many of the ideas of the citizens with whom he disagrees. But how can anyone expect serious and meaningful results to emerge from the Council's president
    when he is incapable of balancing his bullish behavior with the important position which he holds.
    I see only more antagonism instead of meaningful dialog.