Thursday, December 2, 2010

Over-Taxation Without Representation

Ladies and gentlemen, or better said, TAXPAYERS of NorCo, are you aware that there is no real need for a tax increase to sustain Gracedale, or any other department of the County because there is a $60 million dollar slush fund that continues to grow year after year - yes, growing because we are being over-taxed. Why doesn't Mr. Angle tell you that? Perhaps because he has his own plans for the money.

Again, we have to ask, why is CC spending money on farmland preservation if we lack funds to do so? And why is Mr. Angle always in favor of doing so? Could it be that because he owns farmland he sees this matter as a good opportunity to once again help himself?

The Coalition has spoken to tens of thousands of people over the last two months, and we have determine that truly 9 out of 10 people are not sure who Mr. Angle or the CC serves, but are dead certain that CC doesn't serve them. This is a shame, or worst yet, it's a disgrace.

Doesn't the Constitution begin with "WE THE PEOPLE"? Are the members of council so obtuse that they don't realize "The People" are their superiors? What does it take to make them responsive to the demands of the people? Does Mr. Angle in his arrogance believe that duplicity is a characteristic that is favorable by the people? Well it's not. Try honesty Mr. Angle! Oh, we almost forgot that you don't understand the meaning of honesty - we also remember the Nazareth overwhelming poll that never was?

We The People will demonstrate our resolve in May...You will see just what true resolve is Mr. Angle, and so will the rest of council. Again, make no mistake about it...we do not bluff, we act according to our inalienable rights.

God Bless America, and our founding Fathers.


  1. In may? What happens in may that you think you can do anything to angle?