Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In The Right Direction

Some Interesting reading for those who were not present at the meeting Thursday of last week:


  1. I fear Stoffa will try and stack the Gracedale Advisory group with his pals who will do as they are told. I don't trust him or Marcus.

  2. Lets agree! They cannot be trusted so we MUST stat watchful.

  3. Stoffa and Marcus can TRY to stack the committe with their pals and then they will continue to have COAF as another committe.
    Not including representation from the original group who not only beat him, the legend, and the blogger at every turn would show a great LACK of intelligence and political savy.
    Stoffa doesn't get it.COAF is never going away,and we want to work productively with the County.
    He should forget his SHOE thing and get back to work.

  4. I was at the county council meeting and Marcus did seem to say he was getting the names of "the people" for his board together. Ron Heckman got up and asked county council to publicly advertise for any vacancies on the board in order to ensure transparency and honesty. I appreciated that Heckman was there. He knows the county system and the games that can be played.

  5. It is obvious that Stoffa,the shoe man,and his friend,Ross,are dragging their feet,no pun intended!
    How much money and intelligence does one have to have in order to understand that the Committe must or should have been completed by the end of Dec.2011.

  6. Sad that Stoffa put an inexperienced Economic Development friend in to run one of the most important and complicated departments in the county. People figure it was because Stoffa just needed a guy so he could pull the strings but Marcus is utterly clueless.

    This has been a horrible six years for Human Services. The place would be better off if Marcus didn't even show up. During the Gracedale debate it was disgusting just watching him nod his head to whatever goofy statement Angle made.

    Bad move Mr. Stoffa, not the place to park a friend.