Monday, February 20, 2012

Where He Belongs

There are times in our lives that we wonder why certain things happen to us...usually believing that we don't deserve what we receive, but almost always we do - by way of our mostly stupid actions. We have to be careful with what we believe we deserve Stoffa's case - if he gets what he really deserves, it may mean some jail time, where he just may get up-close and personal with a guy named BUB-BA.

          ALL ALONE   )-:  I don't deserve this!  :-(  WUZUP BUB-BA

We know that there are many people out there that kind of like John, but perhaps that's because they don't really know him anymore. The County Executive has become what maybe he once despised - a conniving liar, seeking to benefit himself above all others, seemingly worst than the ousted councilman.

Well, what can you expect - when you hang out with manure like the ousted councilman, you start to smell like manure, and at some point you become manure. Sadly Mr. Stoffa has become his own worst nightmare.

Arrogance in elected office usually leads to corruption of some sort. What we are witnessing at this point in NorCo history is the beginning of the end of a person who was once considered kind, gentle, and caring - become a monster that intends on destroying all who get in his way...sadly, his destructive behavior will consume him, eventually causing him to self-destruct.

John, before you self-destruct...just step down. It will be easier than being recalled, or worst yet being fired for conduct unbecoming your position. You know that the emails that "We The People" are in control of will tell an ugly story about you. A story that not even your better half may be aware of. Ultimately you may be removed from office in total disgrace and shame.

We The People do not want to pursue a course of action that will humiliate you, shame the County, and disgrace your family. Be smarter than the pathetic ousted councilman. Step down, allow someone else to dock the ship before it sinks. We are imploring you John because the vessel has taken on too much water, and it will not stay afloat with you at the helm. 


  1. No question the county is in need of a healer.

  2. I hope that he reads the handwriting on the wall. He still may have a chance by quick and positive action abiding with that which the public which he serves has demanded via the vote.
    Or, he can accept whatever the future might bring.
    I truly hope that he will return to the days of the Stoffa before the ousted one and the belittled one got to him.
    Stoffa made his bed;let him sleep in it or wise up!

  3. Why doesn't someone who works with Stoffa and/ or someone who knows him well ask him about these so-called e-mails that we keep reading about?
    Or, perhaps he can clear up this matter in his executive report at the next Council meeting.
    When one plays with fire.....

  4. The sad thing is no one should be surprised. Does anyone remember when a reporter asked Stoffa what he would do if the referendum passed, he said he "would close the place down". I am almost certain those were his words. I am sure some of you are more aware than I. I beleive it was recorded by a channel 69 camera. We should ask if we can buy a copy of that report, seriously.

    As usual, Stoffa denies it. My concern is Stoffa's number one propaganda boy, Bernie O'Hare is already talking about how Stoffa can close Gracedale or shred it to a minimal basis without defying the referendum.

    These are not trustworthy people. Even with evil Angle gone, you still have Stoffa and O'Hare.

    Honestly folks, don't you think sometimes that Stoffa may have been the Gracedale mastermind pulling the strings and not Angle. I guess I just never bought into the "nice old guy" image with Stoffa. I talked to too many people who worked for him that said he was a mean and vindictive guy.

    As always we need to stay vigilant until a serious person is in office who will give Gracedale an "honest" chance to succeed. That's all we ever asked for, right?

  5. Stoffa has not done anything productive in the last 2 years.
    He has brought the County down.
    Do we have to endure another 2 years of his constant deceitful behavior?