Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NCC Cancels Workshop

Citizens Academy - An Inside Look At How Government Works...CANCELED!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, the planned course scheduled for March 1st, 2012 has officially been canceled, and while a lack of interest has been deemed the reason for the cancelation, the full truth may be that NCC received much negative feedback regarding two presenters 1) the ousted - Ron Angle, and 2) the disbarred Bernard Ohare.

The three week course was designed to assist We The People understand better our local, state and federal government, as if we don't understand government well enough already.

The issue with this course was not the intent, but the two well known corrupt speakers. WeThe People had to ask - how can a reputable educational institution like NCC, not conduct due diligence on any speaker/presenter they plan on having as part of such a program?

If the course was - "How to cheat, lie and steal", then the two culprits in question would be suitable as speakers. Shame on NCC for their negligence, however, We The People forgive you because in the end you heard our concerns and did the right thing...and for that We The People thank you.

Below is the response received by We The People:

"We appreciate you contacting us with your concerns about the upcoming Citizens' Academy.  I'm glad your Northampton education has served you well and that you follow public affairs closely.  That is something we encourage in all of our students and alumni.  Fostering civic awareness and engagement is one of the goals of the Academy.  We recognize that the speakers will not all agree with each other, and the members of the audience will not agree with everything the speakers have to say.  Freedom to hold differing points of view is central to our democracy.  Seeing public officials in action and hearing what they have to say encourages critical thinking and enables students and the public to make informed decisions and about individuals' suitability for office.  We do value your feedback.  Thank you for taking the time to write to us.  I hope to see you on campus soon at an event more to your liking!


Melissa Starace
Director, Alumni Affairs
Northampton Community College
3835 Green Pond Road
Bethlehem PA 18020
610-861-4589 (phone)"

It appears that the Director of Alumni Affairs was not up to date with current affairs in Norco. It seems she was not aware that We The People could speak with experience relating to "fostering civic awareness and government engagement" much better then the two misfits can...because we are aware, and we did engage - and we WON.

We sincerely hope that in any future planned programs NCC promotes...they complete their homework - and perhaps then they will foster and generate the interest to follow through with any such course.


  1. Odd...I just spoke to Melissa Starace personally and was told the event is on as planned.

    Could you provide a contact or a link for the cancellation?


  2. Nothing in that email said the event was cancelled, in fact it went the other direction.


  3. That's what was confusing me (and I'm usually pretty good at reading for comprehension).

    It clearly states "Canceled" in bold letters, but Ms Starace's email says nothing about it being canceled. That's why I called, and she personally confirmed it is on as planned.

  4. What else are "We the People" lying about?

  5. It was canseled yesterday and put back on 11.15 AM to day after athey called bo and he explained why he was disbared.

  6. @Anonymous 10:23AM

    Thank you for that...uh...clarification. I assume you meant "disbarred", so I'm goin' with that.

  7. Could you please tell me why my original post stating that I had spoken directly to Melissa Starace was deleted?

    Thank you.

  8. Yes - because we know its you bernie...if its not send evidence to our email and we will re-post your comments.

    Have a great day :-)

  9. I am not Bernie O'Hare...your paranoia is showing.

    I write a blog called "Nothin' Like A Dame" - you can accuse Bernie of a *lot* of things, but I'm pretty sure that writing about women's fashion from years past is not one of his vices.

    I also write a blog called (wait for it...) "Untouched Takeaway" which is mostly my whining about my life.

    I'm not sure what "evidence" you need - copy of my drivers' license? My library card from the Bangor library? My Bobby Sherman Fan Club card from 1969?

    Please - do let me know.


  10. So why are you deleting legitimate questions?

  11. I wonder if O'Hare told them about the money which he took from his clients?
    How about how he trashed the parents of a young girl who was killed in an auto accident?
    Let's now look on the bright side. Some years back I read an article in the local newspaper that a high school was invited to bring a group of interested students to a local jail to converse with a group of inmates as to their
    life's errors.
    I think that the program was supposed to scare the students into leading a life as per the law.
    Just saying...