Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swap Are You Talking About

John Stoffa will go down in the history of NorCo as the worst County Executive to ever serve in office.

Why - well, he did not care about the swaption when he came into office, and worst yet, he does not care now that the rate has taken it to greater than 25M.

Stoffa could have done so much more about many issues of the county, he just doesn't care so why would he do more. He just shows up to his office to play with email all day, and collects a very nice paycheck, laughs at the taxpayers .

On February 16, 2012, after the CC meeting Stoffa told the ET that "Shearer was a knowledgeable person but that he is uninterested in the hybrid option. Stoffa said he has no intention of allowing the swaption to linger into his successor's term and that it has cost the residents of Northampton County enough already. He threw his support behind paying off the debt in its entirety as soon as possible."
"I don't think you correct a bad decision by making a decision that's half right and half wrong," Stoffa said.
WHAT!!! John - your problem is that you're not capable of making any half right/wrong decisions. You rather pass the buck so that you always have someone else to blame when things don't work out. A little bit of information for you Johnny boy, with the exception of the two soon-to-be-gone council members, the new body is watching you closely, and they will expose you for the ignorant that you are.

NorCo - if all Stoffa wants to do is play with his warped emails, then he should have the decency to do that from everybody including yourself a favor John, step down - stay home and play with your emails, yourself, or whatever turns your nut. Allow someone who  truly cares the opportunity to take over and clean up the mess you have created.




  2. Agreed. What about these e-mails?
    Put them out so all can see.
    Why not give all council members and the press a copy as well. The idea that I am getting is that these e-mails are revealing ,in some way, of the real John Stoffa.

  3. Did Stoffa use his county email to conduct private business ? If you have such email, publish them.

  4. It appears, that Executive Stoffa has a two year plan to try and sell Gracedale before he leaves office. Everything he has done since the election has been to undermine Gracedale. Part of the plan is to deplete the Treasury of
    $25,000,000.00 dollars, so that if Gracedale needs additional county contribution he can claim there is no money.

  5. I just posted along these same lines at Rumblings. I have the e-mails Stoffa sent to Trish. Can you say funny? Anyhow been debating on posting or no posting. Maybe I'll do a poll at Rumblings.

  6. Eric don't post them yet lets do it right to accomplish the mission of removing the mad stoffa

  7. These e-mails must be something!
    But,then again, Stoffa has turned into such a sleeze bag like his other 2 friends.Nothing would surprise me.
    He wants to kill Gracedale so badly that he will stop at nothing.
    He has not learned his lesson,and he is finding ways to bypass the results of an historic referendum.

    First, you offer the olive branch. When the gift of peace is ignored, we must then go to war.

  8. If these emails exist, the person they were sent to should reveal them.

  9. Word on the street is, the E-Mails do exist.

  10. Word on the street is, do you think Stoffa is going to reveal them? When all else fails lie, right John.

  11. Just remember, the entire swaption controversy is because Stoffa didn't do his job. If he had been paying attention to it for the past six years, he could have gotten out or re-financed. That was the report from the fiscal expert hired by county council. Now he has a chance to do a moderate solution but he wants to bankrupt the county and blame Gracedale.

    This has been his and Angles plan from the beginning. I am telling you thins guy wants Gracedale to be so broken down that the next executive will say,
    I must close it, I can't fix it".

    Stoffa is an angry old man with a vendetta.

  12. The moral of the story with the emails:

    Never fly above the radar, when you have shit all over your wings.

    This sad lesson has been learned by others, including Mr. DeWeese, Mr. Karoly, Mr. Angle, the 'cash for kids' judges in Luzerne county, The Orie sisters, and the folks involved in the Bonusgate scandal, to name a few.

    Being trampled by heavy government shoes is my number one pet peeve. In some cases, those shoes may do some trampling of their own. We'll see.

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