Friday, February 17, 2012

Stoffa Has None!

The size of peas, if any at all.

What do we know about true leaders in our American history...well let's see - sometimes they stand alone allowing the future to described them as pure genius, or as incompetent turkeys.

I eat turkeys for breakfast...where's that fool at?

Lets dissect this - if Stoffa would have stood alone as the County Executive and made an executive decision to pay-off the swaption when it was under 10 million, today he would be viewed by all, including the ousted councilman, as a true leader and a financial genius. Instead he chose to pawn it off on CC, so he is better known today as an incompetent fool without a pair.

Consider that he was so occupied resisting the will of "We The People" relating to the sale of Gracedale that he missed his opportunity to be a true hero to The People. He just had to be the fool he has proven himself to be...Thanks a lot John.

Another matter of concern is his perverted emails...conduct unbecoming for sure.  We The People pay you to perform meaningful county business, not spend endless hours discussing shoes with your demented friends on our fact - you shouldn't wait to be recalled, you should just resign now. Nothampton County deserves better than the shame and disgrace you have bestowed upon us. Please do the right thing for once in your term John - step down!

And by the way - we would like to extend a warm thank you to Scott Parsons for saying out loud "we should not be gambling with tax payer monies".


  1. I have asked this question before.
    What is Stoffa's connection to this shoe thing?

  2. I am curious too. I hear he is big into off color jokes around women. Sees himself as a senior playboy. Don't know about the shoe business.

  3. And boy oh boy were those emails perverted!

  4. CE Stoffa needs to be asked at Council why he didn't buy out of the swap at 6.5 million ? He needs to be asked if Fmr. Councilman Angle, and at the time, Council Pres., from buying out when the swap was 9 million ?

  5. Stoffa has a reputation as a bit of a lecher with the ladies.