Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is It True?

It is being reported that "Worker Comp Claims at Gracedale Under Scrutiny" and shouldn't it be? ALWAYS - not just at Gracedale, but every department of the county should always be scrutinized for fraud...however, if it's not fraud, then the county needs to act responsibly to correct the issues that lead to these claims...shouldn't they?

It's funny how all of a sudden we have this problem at Gracedale...perhaps it's not all of a sudden, it has been brewing there...allowed by Stoffa, until he needs another issue to bash Gracedale.

Well here we go again. Stoffa must have known about the problem, if not...he should have known - it's his watch. These are problems that are allowed to get out of control due to negligence and incompetence on his part. We have to ask - why was this not noticed before?

Stoffa was elected by many Gracedale employees whom he led to believe that he would always protect Gracedale, just like he led the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families believe that he wanted to save Gracedale. Stoffa literally lied to COAF - telling them at a meeting in the 911 building "if you want to save Gracedale, you have to get the signatures" (and then he went on to tell the Coalition some interesting things about Angle and some others). Why wasn't Stoffa honest? And why didn't he just say what he was thinking - I won't do anything to help you protect Gracedale because I want to sell it.

It looks like the inflatable RAT was right on the money.

Stoffa - RAT...hmmm.


  1. Actually, the person responsible for alerting Stoffa about these problems is the Controller, Steven Barron. Hopefully, he was doing his job by auditing Gracedale and passed the information along to Stoffa?

  2. It's not only worker comp. claims, it is Health Ins. and pension checks also being paid out for people that have passed on. Who's job is that ? And don't say Steve Barron,
    there should be some one doing that job way before it gets to him.What the county is not doing job?
    Is it true that Stoffa is the head of the county ? should he not be on top of everything? Seems his mind is only on selling Gracedale, and the DUI center and such -
    Stoffa remember what the people of the county voted for - What they want is to keep Gracedale in county hands , but you want just the oppsite - who should have the say here ? The voter, the taxpayer ? Mr. Stoffa you are on your way out and you don't care one way or another, but if I were you I would not want to leave my watch with this on my shoulders - Remember the poor the sick, and the elderly - the poor have not always been poor but lost their money in private nursing homes, and when your money is gone where do you go from there ? Gracedale- the other poor people that have worked and payed taxes all their lives only made enough to survive, they get old and sick and where do they go ? Gracedale- Then there are the young that may get in to an accident paralized maybe ? where do they go? Gracedale- I could go on and on- but do we turn our backs on these people ?
    If you are in good health and have money thank God because one day thing's could change and you may be glad there is a GRACEDALE.

  3. There is absolutely no question that Stoffa wants Gracedale to fall apart. He keeps making sure bad things happen. If he can keep families from sending loved ones, he can keep the heat on. Do you realize that O'Hare is on his hate blog telling people that the referendum stops Stoffa from selling Gracedale but not from shutting it down or pretty much killing it. I hope people see that this struggle is far from over.

    I wish there were political leaders who's word can be trusted. The problem now is we can't tell when a Gracedale problem is real or not, because so many lies have been told and are being told now.

    Sad very sad. Stay vigilant.

  4. Once again, I saw and heard Angle speak at a Council meeting.I saw a broken down old man bitter about his loss with Gracedale.Every sentence out of his mouth began with something like, IIIII told you so. Wait ,you'll see that I was right,etc.What a pathetic and sorrowful sight to have to look at and hear.
    I am convinced that he will never be able to accept the results of the referendum.
    If he could possibly forget his bitterness and his desire to hurt people,he perhaps could be a positive force and try to find a way to make Gracedale and other county agenda items work for the betterment of the public instead of his ego.
    He has been a loser for more than a year now. Someone ought to tell him to join in and help or just go away and give all of us the peace of mind by not seeing or hearing from him.

  5. Pathetic is not the word to describe Angle.
    At the meeting of the Council on Thursday evening, Angle mentioned that he is keeping track of all of our elderly taxpayers who died at Gracedale. Man, so many people are dying there that Angle has now made this another case for selling. The rest of us are bad little boys and girls because we did not obey Mr. Bigshot with all of his millions and court cases.
    Instead of pathetic, I would use the word, GHOUL.

  6. I heard about that line that Angle said he is counting all the people dying at Gracedale. One of the weirdest things to have ever said said at a public meeting, even from someone like Angle. The guy is plain nuts!!