Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Handle The Truth

The nonsensical ignoramus is such a deceiver.

Here is the sequence of TRUTH:
02/27/12 - A member of the coalition received the news directly from Ms. Kubik of NCC that the event was not worth discussing further because it was canceled due to a lack of interest. (no one interested in paying $29 to hear the same old rhetoric)

02/28/12 0931 - We posted the news that NCC had decided to cancel due to a lack of interest as informed by Ms. Kubik.

02/28/12 Approx 1100 - A member of the coalition received a call from Ms. Starace informing us that after reconsideration, the event would go on as scheduled. (No doubt that there was outside influence in the decision).

02/28/12 1107 - the NI post his nonsense.

02/28/12 1341 - We posted that the event was on in accordance to the information provided to us by Ms. Starace.

02/29/12 0033 - NI post more nonsense.

02/29/12 1250 - we posted a followup

02/29/12 1140 - this post to inform The People that we never stated any mistruths - we leave that up to the masters at large...and we all know who they are.


  1. You reported the truth. Between the Sal panto campaign machine and Ron angle they made sure tickets were "purchased" so that the three deceivers could perform,. I am appalled by the NCC decision to allow such individuals of ill repute to be featured speakers.

    Might as well add Stoffa to the forum and discuss how you can have a crazy and dysfunctional government while at the same time destroying a county.

    O'Hater and his alter egos are gushing all over the place on his hate blog. He is again attacking the Gracedale guardians as he always has.

    County council should send a letter to the community college questioning their use of public property for such a disservice to the public.

  2. I did something you may want to try. Contact as many people as you can with the NCC contact information. I called and made a complaint about the college hosting the hate blogger Bernie O'Hare and ousted Ron Angle who has been the only Lehigh Valley politician condemned by both the Anti-Defamation League and the NAACP. As a Northampton County taxpayer I said I would re-evaluate my future support of the college.

    While I doubt it will change anything in the short term, it will register a loud protest for the future to how these types of things are operated. Word is Angle has an in at the college because of his friendship with Chamber of Commerce boss Tony Iannelli.

    I will tell you this, I cannot support Sal panto due to his close affiliation with the two evil men.

  3. Here it's always "a member..." this and "a member..." that. Why not be upfront and honest and tell us who is having these mysterious conversations? Let that person stand up and be recognized?

    How did "a member" receive the news from Ms. Kubik? If it was an email, let's see it.

    Who received the phone call from Mrs. Starace?

    Let's have some openness and accountability here. You want it from others, offer it yourself.

  4. Where did my comment go?