Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Did It Get There?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bernie Ohare for posting excerpts from Rev. Martinez email to MS. Kubik, (which take note - he also sent to Ms. Starace) on his recent post of 02/29/12 0033. He won't allow us to post - and we were not aware that if we wanted to post on Ohares blog all we had to do was send it to NCC, and they would see to it for us. Thank you too.

That's correct - Ohare will not allow members of the Coalition to post on his blog, and for that reason, we won't allow him, or any of his fictitious mental characters to post comments on our blog.

Interestingly enough - the email below was sent to the NCC staff named above - who failed to respond to the email, however, it appears they shot off a copy to Bernie so that he would be aware.

WOW -They refuse (due to privacy acts) to share how Ohare portrayed his betrayals of the peoples trust with us...but it's okay to share our thoughts with him...hmmm - how ethical is that?

It's becoming easier to understand why they put the event back on...perhaps it was never canceled, maybe they wanted this commotion to generate interest in their event. Well Ms. Kubik/Starace, you don't have to worry about a band of citizens picketing outside your facility with signs...we will be too busy enjoying a peaceful CIVIL Council meeting watching TRUE government at work.


From: Mario []
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 1:32 PM
To: ''
Subject: Insider look at how governments work

Good Day Ms. Kubik,

I am writing you this email to express my disappointment, and to echo the sentiments that so many others in the county share relating to your plans of allowing two very disgraceful men – Bernard Ohare and Ron Angle the opportunity to speak at your upcoming event “Insider look at how government works”.

Please note that our concerns are not founded on a personal basis, but on fact. Mr. Angle was removed this past November from office because the people of the county are sickened by his self-serving political style, so please explain - how exactly can Mr. Angle educate anyone in the county about the intended People Serving Constitutional political system, and it’s workings?

We The People of Northampton County are aware and understand clearly that there is good sound Constitutional politics, and then there is – I can do whatever I please Ron Angle politics. If not, then please explain how we managed to implement a referendum question which was the first to succeed in the entire State of Pennsylvania? And how did we organize Constitutionally to remove a civil servant that we consider a tyrant? Come to think of it - we can actually shed more light on how honest government works that he can.

Furthermore, Bernard Ohare has committed  terrible and despicable acts as an attorney which resulted in his disbarment – he has been expelled from the legal profession, deprived of his legal status and privileges because of his horrendous behavior as a trusted officer of the court. So what exactly can he share with the county about JUSTICE?

Both of these misfits are not worthy of such an opportunity, unless of course the institution granting the opportunity is desperate and unable to find suitable speakers of honorable character. Is NCC desperate? I certainly hope not.

I humbly ask that you, and NCC reconsider your position on this matter – Your goal as a reputable educational institution in this matter should be to teach politics, rather than indoctrinate students in a narrow set of political beliefs, stressing to the highest levels that good ethics and honesty are the most vital keys to successful government. Consider for a moment the message you are sending to all of your alumnus and the masses by allowing this disgraceful occurrence to take place. By granting Angle and Ohare this opportunity you are also condoning and validating their reckless actions.

Lastly, if you feel it necessary to go on with the show anyway, then perhaps you would consider also providing a “peoples perspective” of how politics work, and how we believe it should work. I, or any member of our coalition would gladly speak at your event free of charge. Please note that we have been involved in Northampton local and state politics for well over six years now, and some of us have actually worked as educators at you facility.


Reverend Mario Martinez
Spokesperson – Coalition of Alzheimer’s Families

To this moment, they have not responded.


  1. For all who want and respect the truth. Sue Kubik at NCC informed me via a phone conversation that the program Citizen's Academy ""had been cancelled due to lack of interest." The following morning I recieved a phone call from Melissa Starace, Director of Alumni Affairs informing me that Ms. Kubick had given me "old" information and the program was still on the schedule. NO ONE LIED!!!!!

    Once again bo has taken an event and put his evil spin on it.

    Do I object to bo being given an opportunity to speak at NCC---ABSOLUTELY!!!! There are many other more reputable bloggers that could address the role of the cutting edge media and government than bo.

    I have lost respect for my Aluni Association leaders in how they have failed to handle this situation in a proffesional manner.

    P. D'Alessandro

  2. With all due respect Mrs. D'Alessandro
    Colleges host controversial speakers all the time.
    Moravian had Jesse Jackson recently to the dismay of some people.
    Goerge W. Bush commands in excess of 75 thousand to speak. (maybe he should use that money to repay the losses he caused to our 401k's)
    Some people absolutely hate Bill Clinton....100 thousand per
    We here in NorCo have our own embarrassments named Angle and Ohare. Now add Panto to the list as he is "palling around" with those terrorists.
    We should keep our powder dry at this point. If Panto runs for higher office we all know the drill. Grassroots effort to inform the voters of his lack of judgement in the company he keeps. And also the lingering question as to what he would do as far a Gracedale is concerned.

  3. I don't trust him on Gracedale. Its been said he has already joked with O'Hare about the Gracedale COAF people. The guy wants another government job and pension but I can't deal with another Stoffa. No more ego trip politicians that don't give a rats behind about county issues.

    Next year is a critical election and I don't care how much money he spends and which high end Democrats are out there pitching the guy, he just isn't trustworthy.

    Everything he knows about Gracedale and The county is through the O'Hare/Angle filter.

    Stoffa said what people wanted to hear and look what happened. We can't ever let that happen again.

  4. Also, O'Hare is instituting his censoring policy regarding Panto. He lets the Panto campaign post comments but is selectively deleting comments that
    take an opposing view.

    Looks like John Stoffa all over again.

  5. Let O'Hare have his day, as we all know when the time comes we will be prepared. The reign of Angle is over and soon Stoffa will be gone.

    There will be a new county executive and county council and we will vet this one carefully. All the slick campaign promises and money is not what counts. We know how to organize and vote.

    O'Hare and his gang may have the power of their hateful lying words but we have the votes.