Friday, February 17, 2012

Missing In Action

It seems even BO wants absolutely nothing to do with poor broken Angle. While BO sat through the HS meeting, he left rather abruptly when Angle arrived, we have to wonder why. Perhaps BO is aware that Angle is about to lose his house, and that his funds may be running out. BO may be thinking - NO PAY, ABSOLUTELY NO PLAY.

What an Angle!

Angle now knows who his true friends are, certainly not BO, and Sadly...Angle may be coming to the realization that he has no friends at all. As we understand it...even the cows are shunning him.

The Council that the ousted councilman once sat with will no longer entertain his antics. It's pitiful to watch Angle kissing up to Bill White who couldn't escape Angle cries quick enough. Then he went over to try and impress the other two newbie reporters, trying to explain to them how he is the only genius in town. Pathetic, hopefully he does not play lollipop with one of his hunting toys.

Our brother Eric has a very interesting article on his blog:

Enjoy the reading.


  1. The greatest testament to the phrase, "elections have consequences", is watching a wildly yelling and arm waving Ron Angle being told to take his seat by council president Cusick. Angle demanding more time and being told your five minutes are up. To that I must say, Amen.

    Sometimes this crazy thing we call elections can actually produce a miracle or two, Can make a person a believer all over again.

    Hopefully John Stoffa's "time will be over soon" as county executive and we can go back to the business of the county.

  2. BO did more to hurt Angle than anyone, and he doesn't even know it.
    Neither one was smart enough to take the high road.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Some friends they are!

  3. Not surprising at all. Mr. O'hare is incapable of having a relationship with any adult (male or female) but, not surprisingly, carries on a relationship with a pre-pubescent boy who he is not related to.

  4. Isn't Farmer Angle the guy who blocked Exec. Stoffa from buying out of the swap for 9 million ?