Friday, February 24, 2012

The Swaption That Ate Stoffa

Bill White of the Morning Call wrote an article on February 22, that highlights Ron Angle as a really good guy, comparing him to none other than the late great screen actor Steve McQueen. We don't see the resemblance - however, if you want to align the ousted councilman to a good guy, McQueen would most certainly be a good subject because he almost always played a good guy in his 30 or so movies.

In our opinion, the problem with Whites artcle is that Angle has absolutely nothing to do with anything today...he was properly ousted last november by the God given Constitutional Authority of  We The People - simply because he is considered by those of us that matter to be an intelligent but immoral man with absolutely no tact or scruples.

The person the reporter should have spot-lighted is the County Executive John Stoffa who had his opportunity to act on this daily growing swap-issue, killing it without remorse when it was at minus 10 million in 09. No - that would have made too much sense. Instead Executive Stoffa chose to play the "wait and see" game, and anyone who’s watched McQueen’s "The Towering Inferno" knows that due to shady dealings, and a wait and see attitude, the high-rise burned out of control, much like the swaption is burning out of control today.

It's easy for Bill to look back to the Reibman administration and point his finger, but seriously folks - what good does that do today? We can do nothing about the occurrences of a decade ago, but there is so much we can do about today, and more importantly about tomorrow. The executive needs to do the right thing today...ON HIS OWN - and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes, with the understanding of course that tomorrow will bring troubles of its own.

Again, in our opinions - Stoffa's tricky politics is what has him in this lose-lose situation. If he stops playing political games, (and that should be an easy task since he supposedly will not be seeking re-election) he can at the very least resolve this nightmare which he is in fact and deed directly a part of, in a manner which will serve the greater good of The People he took an oath to serve.


  1. A point to be noted is that both the MC and ET are newspapers that are going under real fast. Notwithstanding that the economy is horrible, both papers employ reporters/ editors that resort to a biased, inflammatory approach to opinion, news, etc. They are entirely too political in their approach to true journalism, and have offended the masses with their product. I have no doubt that these papers carry water for those who pad their pockets.

  2. I couldn't agree more.
    A referendum on Gracedale to get it on ballot-an historical feat in the State of PA-was cast aside by the ET.The referendum was a winner with the people of NORCO.
    Whether the newspaper big shots agreed or disagreed,a trophy should have been awarded for and to the people who did such an impossible job within 90 days.
    But the few powerful people whose ethics are now in question are rewarded.
    Every area concerning Gracedale was shot down.
    Yea for the pocketbook and nay for the news.

  3. it is also noted that Mr. Stoffa failed to garner support for his proposed tax hike in the 2012 budget. There was no support for it because of the $60,000,000.00 surplus. In as much of the same twisted political warfare he enlisted on Gracdedale, the same is true on the swaption. Gracedale could have been at break even points, had Mr. Stoffa listened to prior Gracedale consultants. Now he supports writing a check from surplus for $25 million dollars, when that amount can easily stay in surplus, and be refiananced with all of the remaining bonds in the swap. I see that he would rather drain the surplus, in order to de-fund gracedale, and hop up the mill rate next year. What a leader.

    Its time for Stoffa to pick up his coat and keys, and walk in the opposite direction of Northampton County. His leadership is disgraceful, underhanded, and two-faced. He can take his unwanted two-some with him, and let Northampton County get back to business.

  4. I spoke too soon. I just read that Joe Owens is jumping ship fo South Jersey.
    Do you think that Angle, O'Hare ,and Stoffa really helped him?
    Perhaps they helped to plan his departure from our area.
    The people give Owens a big,fat TURKEY.

  5. Word on the street is, who is Ronnie boy and his lap blanket going to suck up to now? Maybe we will finaly get honest reporting now, I hope.

  6. We can hope we will get better reporting, just don't bet on it.

  7. Owens is leaving the ET? Really. Isn't it great that all who opposed Gracedale have fallen short of their targets.

  8. Well another person got the O'Hare luck. These guys can't seem to understand that close association with O'Hare is hazardous to your health and livelihood.

  9. Can anyone believe that people like O'Hare and Angle are going to participate in seminars at Northampton Comm College?
    Don't these people who organize these seminars read the papers?
    Three of the seminars are respectful and presented by honest people. The fourth is a disgrace to the community.
    It's not a problem with the freedom of speech;it is a problem with their reputations,integrity, and the TRUTH.

  10. Check out the latest on LVRamblings.
    A one size fits all attitude.
    Next he'll be wearing those pajama jeans they sell on TV
    The guy is just plain weird.

  11. BO is so full of nothing. Allow him and his buddies one week to care for an elderly patient with dimentia or Alz. disease.
    With all the money government can give them, they could not do it.
    Imagine trying to accomplish this for a loved one with this disease for 20 years.No way as the disease progresses.
    Angle,Stoffa, nor BO have never walked the walk;therefore,they should just give up and shut up.
    OR,let's allow them to take a week's vacation,go to Gracedale, with no help,and care for just one person.These 3 people have no idea about which they say.It's easy to flap one's gums and act like an expert quoting the stats. Try living with it so that the patient can receive all your wonderful love at home when he/she can perform nothing and remembers nothing.
    Good luck. Put your money where your mouth is,politiczl experts.

  12. It is shameful that Stoffa continues to have O'Hare stir the Gracedale pot. I read his latest entry about home health care over nursing home care. He fails to point out that while many many people want to stay home, unfortunately reality is they cannot. As of today there is a critical home care aide shortage. Partially due to the absolute crap wages paid for this difficult work by th eprovate sector.

    Naturally sates want to privatize services, it gets the elderly poor out of their sight and budget. The sad thing is O'Hare Stoffa and their followers don't tell you about the fact that there will always be a need for intensive residence nursing care.

    These guys just disgust me with their outright lies.

  13. Interestingly enough, when I was yucking it up over the summer with stoffa and his henchmen, I explained that the county waiver program used to fund in-home care, could expand the number of senior citizens it services without increasing the budget. To do this, they would eliminate the middleman agency that hires the aides, and pays them almost nothing in wages and no benefits. If the county would establish a consortium, eliminate the middleman agency, the aides could be assigned through a county pooling program, and paid as 1099 contractors instead of employees. They would make more money, but would not have benefits. More seniors could benefit, because the county would not be paying the agency $20.00 per hour as it does now. They could pay the aide directly $10.00 per hour, and double the number of seniors who receive services. Currently, there is a waiting list to get these services through the county.

    He ignored me.

  14. Recall John Stoffa now!

  15. Stoffa should be asked by council to resign in light of the despicable emails. I understand that at least one memeber of council received copies of the emails. Does anyone know if that is true?