Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It seems that even with the "lack of  interest" expressed yesterday by Ms. Susan K. Kubik, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Northampton Community College - The program is back on. We received word at 11:00 am this morning that the event is back on. Word came directly from Melissa Starace, Director of Alumni Affairs.

Because we know the ousted pesonality so well, we have to  wonder how much this is costing him.

We certainly had higher expectations of NCC - Perhaps next they will put on a program called something like - keeping your children safe - then go out and gather speakers from the sex offenders list. Where are your scruples Ms. Kubic, Ms. Starace.

It seems that everytime someone wants to allow moral curruption they hide behind "Freedom of Speech". Yes, it's okay to say anything we want to, even if we know it's wrong. What a world!!!


  1. This tells you everything you need to know about Sal Panto. I will never support this man for county executive. We have had to deal with Stoffa who has been in bed with Angle and O'Hare, no more. Enough is enough, we need a knowledgeable and honest person who is not an ally of the criminals.

  2. Where did my post go? Why are you deleting legitimate questions?

  3. This is a no brainer.
    As soon as the infamous duo got word that their "seminar" was off due to a lack of interset, they called 6,7,or 8 friends this morning, probably even paid for the minimum number of people needed to run the seminar, and it was back on.Standard practice.
    Let not your heart be troubled.
    The truth always comes out. When and if any of these "interested students from the community" really sink their teeth into what is being said ,and CHECK their facts,FREEDOM will really ring out.
    The students and the college ought to really know the TRUE backgrounds and false info that Angle and O'Hare hand out.

  4. Bernie is saying that this blog has lied about this workshop at NCC.
    I suggest that he carefully verify his sources to learn EXACTLY what was said and done.
    He obviously has not checked all of his sources.
    Perhaps someone from this blog can list the info and what was said to all and by whom at the college.
    If there really is a liar,let someone in the know let us all know the exact chain of events.