Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hats Off To Frank Addessi

Frank Addessi has hit the nail on the head relating to calls that Angle claims he received complaining about Bangor superintendent Dr. Patricia Mulroy. Addessi says that Angle spoke for a long time but said very little, that's Angles MO, he likes to baffle you with his nonsense, and then tells you what a genius he is.

All of us involved in the Gracedale Initiative recall the surveys Angle said he conducted but could not, or would not produce.

Well, Mr. Addessi was not fooled - "Addessi questioned the phone calls Angle said he received, asking for those taking issue with the school district to speak up."
"If any member of our community, our staff, anyone, has issues with any district personnel up to and including the superintendent, then they need to express what those complaints are and not relay them through third parties in the form of rumors and innuendo," Addessi said.
Angle is truly hypocritical saying "You can't be superintendent by dictatorship" seemingly forgetting that he was a dictator Councilman.



  1. I think more and more people are no longer afraid to stand up to Ron Angle and his bully tactics. He no longer has the clock of government to protect him form his vicious behavior.

    He is seen as the joke he has made himself. Soon Stoffa and O'Hare will be out on the street and people can live in peace.

    Hats off to this man. I hope more bodies tell Angle to follow the rules like everyone else.

  2. I give Frank Andessi credit that he's willing to attach his name to it. Unlike the anonymous cowards that delete other posts here.

    More and more people aren't afraid to stand up to the tyranny that exists on this supposed blog of the people.

  3. 1:41
    More than a few people stopped contributing.
    For various reasons.

  4. Stoffa,Angle, and O'Hare are already out in the street. They just do not wish to accept defeat.