Friday, March 2, 2012

Swaption Is Paid Off With Non Exisiting Funds?

During the Gracedale Initiative saga, Stoffa stated on more than one occasion that there was not enough money in the fund balance to pay off the swaption. To prove that point he allowed the swaption to go from under 10 million to 25+ million dollars. 

His action yesterday proves that Controller Barron was right about the fund balance back then, and the swaption should have been paid off when it was under 10 million.

Now Stoffa is confident that the county can move forward in 2012. After throwing away over 15 million dollars of our (tax payer) money.

To be fair to Stoffa, he was not in office when the swaption was introduced to the County, however, he was in office 2 yrs ago, and could have made a real difference when the swaption was under 10 million - but chose instead to prove a point...a costly point to the tax payers. 

Stoffa will go down in NorCo history as the worst County Executive to ever hold office...and he continues to speak behind closed doors about having the county buy a new building, possibly to put his name on the building before leaving office. Consider the sound - The John Stoffa Building...yeah right!!!



  1. What was the cost of swaption 6 years ago when stoffa took office and angle was still in office?

  2. What does that matter today? the fact is we lost a ton of money that Stoffa could have prevented.

  3. In case anyone is interested, the CC meeting last night was really peaceful without angle or bo. The way it should always be. So much so that the meeting ended earlier that usual. YesSSS

  4. The exec kicked the can down the road for years, why did he have to wait till angle was gone? Why is paying off $25 million ok but sat on his hands at 10 million? Or lower?

  5. obviously he didn't have to wait, he chose to wait. there is a big difference.

  6. Stoffa has been successful in using this as his "boogie man" to attack Gracedale. Now he wants an unnecessary archives building. he will do everything he can to isolate, humiliate and destroy Gracedale.

    No one is fooled by this old vindictive mans actions.

  7. Why not refurbish an unused area at Gracedale for this boondoggle waste.
    We should pay to heat and cool another stand alone building?
    This guy can not leave soon enough.

    Look at Ohares pointed attack on McClure
    I have figured it out.
    Policy differences are one thing.
    His constant barrage of personal attacks on this guy is another.

    Bottom line.

  8. O'Hare is just your average middle aged man that lives alone. He has a pretend "grandson" from the inner city that he likes to hang out with and buy gifts for. Then Mr. O'Hare takes him to kids sports were he records all the prepubescent boys playing.

    Yes, there is nothing abnormal about Bernie O'Hare, a real model citizen. I wonder if Charlie Dent and Sal Panto enjoy his endorsement?

  9. Rumors are flying that the core group of the COAF are arguing and splintering. Please do not let that happen. next year is the most important election in county history.

    You must all come together no matter what. The future of Gracedale depends on it. Do not for a second think that issue is settled. I overheard "Democrats" talking about how a case can be made to sell it. Now these were guys affiliated with a certain probable county executive candidate, so it is secondhand. They also talked about how to "con" the COAF. See what I mean.

    So please stay focused. There are people out there that will use any trick in the book to make it fail and try and sell it in a few years. We know the newspapers will cheer them.

    So on behalf of people throughout the county. Bury your differences and stay focused on next year.

    Thank you!

  10. Ha. Rumors are just that rumors. Last I seen COAF they were givng each others hugs. They may not agree on eveything but the care about eachother too much to allow simple disagreements from hampering their efforts.

  11. Word on the street is, not a word about the NCC event could it have been a bust?

  12. If it even took place. Whenever they say nothing is usually because it was not good for them.

  13. COAF's strength is that they RESPECT each other, VALUE the opinions of one another,are truly FOCUSED,do their homework on a daily basis,are supported by large numbers, and are decent members of the community who-inspite of all the hatemongering of Angle,Stoffa, and O'Hare-are attempting to continue the good fight against the lies and distortions of the terrible trio.

    After losing all the battles dealing with Gracedale,ask yourselves,"Who really are the ones who look foolish, and who really are the GOONS?"
    Seems to me that the "honest,political threesome LOST in every area and even lied outright about money;They're the GOONS and do not even know it!
    "Let us do no harm." Sure, but how about telling the truth!
    COAF is NEVER going away!

  14. The core group of COAF has become a single unit of strength, determination and courage that has dealt with devious people who think nothing of telling lies, twisting the truth and casting doubt about the COAF'S agenda. It doesn't surprise me that they will initiate yet another falsehood.
    While maintaining our individuality each member of COAF has contributed to the group as a whole in order to achieve the goal of preserving Gracedale for future generations.
    Every member of COAF will remember the hard work and personal sacrifices it took to give the voters an opportunity to weigh in on Gracedale's future. That effort bonded us together for a lifetime.
    Knowing that there are still threats to the future of Gracedale by Stoffa and others we are steadfast in our commitment to continue to remain united.
    For those who say we are" splintering" "arguing" I say---you only wish we were! WE ARE TIGHTER AND STRONGER THAN EVER!!!

  15. The NCC event reminds me of an episode of the
    Mary Tyler Moore Show from the 70's

    I think it was called

    "Ted Baxters Famous Broadcasters School"

    You might be able to see it on the TVLand website.

    I have a feeling it is a carbon copy of what occurred at NCC

    Hey Bernie

    "your not going to make it after all"'


  16. O'Hare hasn't posted a thing about it. That means it had to be a bust. Otherwise he would have pictures and quotes. It was hard to imagine that any people would want to hear about government from Angle, O'Hare and Panto.