Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Question Was Asked...

...Comment #9 in What do we seek in new county exec? asked whether we are considering several candidates, or just one for the position of County Executive.

Well, the only statement we can make at this point in time with regard to this question is: when all announcements are made, or when the person we are prepared to support announces his/her intention, then and only then will we reveal our choice...and, we will support our choice to his/her election.

If our current consideration decides not to pursue the position of County Executive, then will look at ALL candidates who have thrown their hats into the arena - and COAF, as a bi-partisan voting block, will agree on a specific candidate and announce our support for whom we consider to be the cream above all. We will ask the county electors to get out and vote, preferably for the candidate we support.

Our involvement is the voice of knowledge necessary for those out there that support us and our cause, but who for many reasons may not be able to be involved. 

Certainly, our decision will be based on what position the candidates take on Gracedale. Under this circumstance, we will select our choice very carefully because Mr. Stoffa as a hard knocks teacher has educated us that deception is a standard for many politicians these days (Such as himself) and prevalent in today’s  politics

We are hopeful that there will be many a debate that we can attend to discover the best prospect, and then announce our CHOICE for Gracedale...and for "We The People".

 God Bless America


  1. Besides your dream candidates of Barron and McClure, is there anyone who could live up to the COAF expectations?

    You seem to just be focusrd on those candidates but voters may not agree with you.

  2. Barron? McClure?

    stop. this is big-boy football

  3. We just removed two comments from bernie - stay off our blog.

  4. The names out there currently are; Barron, Callahan, McClure, Panto, Heckman and Seyfried, Grucela all Democrats.

    Then there is; Cusick, Angle, Dowd, and Ferraro, all Republiucans.

    Who out of these lists do you folks consider electable and decent people? Any other names you are aware of.

    This is not Bernie O'Hare, I don't follow little boys. I am a pro-Gracedale voter interested in your opiniuons.

  5. Personally,apolitically, I prefer Heckman:honest,sincere,no baggage that I know of.

  6. Wow, I didn't know so many were thinking about running. Please, there is no way Ron Angle is running, is he??

  7. I heard Ron Heckman talk about the problems the county faces and the need to be honest about addressing them. I was very impressed by his knowledge and passion.

  8. Only a couple names on that list I would support. As for Seyfried, didn't he make Stoffa Dir. of Human Services once. They are old friends. Don't need that again.

  9. I see people often mention Ron Heckman as a candidate for cpounty executive. I hope he runs and would support him. However, I know his mother is very ill and he has been taking care of her. I don't think he has spent much time planning a campaign beause of that.

  10. The O'Hare gang is on his hate blog poisoning the water for McClure and Heckman. They offer praise for Callahan, Panto and Seyfried. THey claim they are the only people who can win a primary. Haha!

    If they only knew the truth.

  11. I will vote for McClure or Heckman over nay of these Stoffa/O'Hare mancrushes. We need honesty not egos and questionable alliances.

    Woulkd you vote for anyone O'Hare recommends. Not a chance.