Friday, August 3, 2012

Hats Off To Gracedale Employees

During last nights County Council meeting, County Executive John Stoffa confirmed that Gracedale union AFSCME, and the County have agreed on a contract.

So We The People take our hats off to the Gracedale employees because unlike the connivers, we're confident that you did what you said you would do.

We don't know all the details yet, however, we can speculate that the employees agreed to give back what AFSCME initially promised to give back, probably in the area of 3 Million dollars. We presume this to be the case because Mr. Stoffa appeared very pleased with the results of the negotiation.

To the Gracedale employees we say first and foremost - THANK YOU.

We know it is a hard bullet to bite, but in the interest of keeping Gracedale where it belongs, in County hands, you have done the right thing.

We The People fought hard to provide the NorCo electors the right to vote on the "Sale of Gracedale " matter, and now by this action you demonstrate to the entire County, State, and Country that you too were sincere in your words - backing them up with unquestionable action.

We The People stand tall with the Gracedale employees, because while the connivers played their games, and while they were less than truthful or honest, we united together, not to play games, but to demonstrate that our yes means yes, and our no means no.

The deeds of Gracedales employees as they relate to the contract clearly illustrate who was playing games and who was not.

Hats off to you!!!


  1. Those workers at Gracedale who probably live from paycheck to paycheck are nothing less than SAINTS for the care they give. Who else would handle bedpans and stuff like that including every aspect of care for helpless elderly people? The money would never be enough for the rest of us.

  2. I too applaud the employees of Gracedale for doing this. Stoffa is at fault for all of this mess but you did the right thing.

    While Stoffa is giving double digit raises to one union he demands givebacks form another. Does that make any sense? Of course not but that is the Stoffa Adminstration.

    He loves to play people off against each other. In his rule there must always be a "bad" guy and he must always be the "good" guy.

    Sadly, he is just the same incompetent fool he has always been.

  3. We can never forget what COAF has accomplished for the County, for Gracedale residents, and for the employees.

    And now the employees get to show that they too care.

    If I could summarize in one word what COAF did holding hands with the employees, it would be "COMPASION"



  5. To what Union did Stoffa give double digit raises to?