Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Live In A World of Crisis...

...But why?

Well, perhaps because the greatest thing human beings desire to do is control other human beings, so they create crisis that they can come back and say “Look, I have a remedy”, and then they apply their remedy, and then they say “See, you need me because I am a great leader who can resolve problems” -  Is this starting to sound familiar?

It seems to us this is exactly what some of our local government leaders have done. Gracedale was turned into a circus of crisis, which allowed certain figures to attempt to capitalize on the remedy for their own benefit...whatever that may be.

They (Angle, Stoffa, O'Hare, Marcus, etc.) believed that they could pull it off...but then COAF happened.

Now let us look at what "COAF happened" means. Is COAF just another form of government out for themselves? What's in it for COAF? Is COAF trying to take over? these are three legitimate questions that can be asked as well as others we're sure. However, to understand the true reality to those question, one must understand who and what COAF is. In essence, COAF is the regular person (much like you reading this post) just trying to finish the race of life, full of compassion, and a burning desire to do what is right as outlined in TRUTH.

So, are they another form of government - NO, absolutely not...they govern no one but their own lives.

When we ask "What's in it for them", we must do so with the understanding that they have gain nothing, but have given much of themselves in service to others...their only prize is the satisfaction that they are serving humanity as they were intended to.

Lastly, are they trying to take over? Funny question - take over what? Everything in the world belongs to who?...only the foolish believe it 's all theirs. Ten out of ten people on earth folks, will really - what beyond your own soul do you truly own? HMMM.

So what is COAF's goals and purpose? Well, they themselves were once kind of asleep, but a malicious person named Ilisa Sacknoff awoke them to an ugly reality, and they have since vowed to only sleep in turns, so that a constant watch will prevent the ugly reality from manipulating their lives, as well as the lives of those that cannot speak for themselves.

Their goal is, and will continue to be - serving those that the Angles, Stoffas, O'Hares, and  Sacknoff's don't care about...those who cannot, for reasons beyond their control, care or speak for themselves. To that end they will fight until they themselves breath their last breath.


  1. The Gracedale Advisory Board meets today at 4:30 pm in the first floor meeting room at Gracedale. Attend if you can and be part of the solution.

  2. Each and everyone of us will become an elderly person.Why wouldn't everyone do whatever he/she could do to make those last years comfortable?
    I, also, will spend each and every day watching any politician or worker who tries to harm our elderly.In my case,it will be at Gracedale where I, previously to COAF, saw the way these people about whom we speak,especially:Sacknoff,Stoffa,Angle,and Marcus,were trying to do to ruin the facility which took its toll on some of the residents.
    I wish I were able to watch those 4 as it becomes their turn to experience what they themselves have advocated.

  3. The 4 should remember ' do unto others as you would have them do unto you ".
    When their times comes will they HAVE A CHOICE ?
    If the COAF is able to finish their work for the elderly and those that can not speak for themselfs this hate will end. And remenber COAF is not going away we will be here for a very long time.


  4. I would like to see us stop focusing on any employee, regardless of their rank. The main problem is the leadership. I realize that some people are very angry and rightfully so, over the actions of some county employees but I hate to see us lose focus.

    There are people out there that want to disrupt our unity for political gain. They want to cast the COAF and friends in the light of vindictive, crazy people.

    We all know that none of these employees, regardless of rank, could or would do what they do if not for Stoffa and his Directors. In this case it is Marcus.

    I really hope we can stay on point and focus on Stoffa and his Adminstration. Also we must stay focused on next years election. Already power players are claiming who can and cannot be elected. They don't care about Gracedale or county serivces, they care about their egos and their politcal futures.

    So I humbly requeest we leave the attacks on employees for now and focus our action on Stoffa and Marcus and on the upcoming county elections. We need a very good County Executive who hires very goo dDirectors. We need very good county council memebers.

    People have told me that there will be only one candidate allowed by the Democrats and that is Mr. Callahan. I don't know him but I have never seen him at any county meetings. I don't know what he thinkls of Gracedale or county programs.

    On the Republican side I hear the candidate is John Cusick. He scares me becasue he was a very, bvery strong supporterer of dumping Gracedlae. he recently changed his tune but is he trustworthy?

    The point is, we need to be advocates for our families and neighbors as the course of the county will be decided next year and we do not want to go through another era of a "new" John Stoffa.

    Can anyone think of some good people to run for the various county offices? Real people, who are not looking out for themselves. We need to be focused on the future. Plans are already being discussed by some, to let Gracedale wither and die under the next Adminstration.

    Please let us come together for the good of all.

  5. I respect your point of view, I hope you respect mine.

    Ilisa Sacknoff is no employee, she never was, and never will be. She is a control & power hungry hireling who manipulates situations and people just to feel the rush.

    She never cared about Gracedale or the residents, and she needs to be removed just like Angle was removed.

    COAF always said that we would return to deal with her at the appropiate time, this is the appropiate time.

    While dealing with her removal, we are also focused on the upcoming elections, which by the way, I agree with you thoughts on this topic.

    you mention some possible candidates, however, there are other possibilities that are not mentioned, and for obviouse reasons I will not mention at this point in time.

    While I appreciate your humble request, and I see it as just that, I ask that you understand that we will not foresake the residents of Gracedale by allowing Ilisa back. Yes, as we understand it she is trying to get her job @ Gracedale back because she will be let go at the end of September from her current position.

    Ilisa made her bed, now she must lie in it.

  6. I make the following points to help eliminate any fear or confusion:
    1. Sacknoff is NEVER coming back to Gracedqale. Marcus and Stoffa better start talking to the appropriate people now including the unions.
    2.COAF will be at every turn with many cohorts to be sure the most capable individual wins the EXECUTIVE'S position.
    3. What Stoffa, Angle, Marcus, and O'Hare did to Gracedale shall NEVER happen again.We The People will organize and inform the taxpayers on every move and at every level.

  7. I am glad to read that the COAF will keep an open mind regarding the next year elections. Many have said it is over before it even begins.

    It would be good for the county if the county executive didn't end up being the person who can pay the most to get the job. If it is just about money, then we know how Gracedale will fare in four years.

    I hope the COAF and empployees stay focused and not just follow the people that have all the special interest money to spend on winning. Potential candidates are being told to not run because all the money will be in the hands of one person. I think that is wrong.

    I am ashamed of the county Democratic Party for this. Yet I will not vote for Mr. Cusick. This is a very depressing situation.

    There is too much at stake. Thank you for your dedication.

  8. I am a registered Democrat,but I think that if you don't know Mr. Cusick,you should try to meet him. While I never approved of his lack of courage when COAF started, I watched him be part of a coalition which removed Bully Angle from the Presidency of the council. I also watched him bring ORDER and a professioal demeanor to each meeting as he grew into the Presidency of council.
    As I said, I am not a Republican,but I shall fight for the candidate who will HONESTLY work to keep Gracedale as well bring honesty and integrity to and for NORCO in all areas.
    Certainly, Stoffa,Angle, and "O'Hare" did not.
    We shall organize because most people understand that one day all of us shall be marching through the last door of life.

  9. I amj a registered Democrat that is very, very leary of Mr. Cusick. He was at the forefront of the dump Gracedale movement. He still seems to be very into the Stoffa mystique and doesn't question anything the Adminstration tells him.

    I will tell you this, if John Callahan is the annointed candidate of the Democrats, I will give Mr. Cusick a real good look. I cannot support Mr. Callahan due to his campaigns dealings with O'Hare and Angle and his lack of knowledge or concern about county issues. For him this is an ego trip so he has a place to sit in order to run for his next office. Don't want or need that.

  10. As a democrat myself, I believe there is a surprise candidate for the Dems that will win because The Coalition is likely to support him. As a dem I would have supported Cusick if he had stood aligned to the people, but he really did not do that. And please note that as cool as Callahan may think he is, and regardless of how much money he has, if he is elected, he BETTER pay special attention to what has derailed Stoffa. It can happen to him and to anyone elses who again underestimates the will of the people.

  11. I hope there are a few candidates for county executive in the Demoicratic Party. Stoffa has really messed things up big time. It is goiing to be a big job to fix it. We need to hear from a few different people to make an informed choice.

    The last thing we need is a Stoffa rerun.