Friday, August 17, 2012

Congrats to County Council...

...With one exception!

First...THANK YOU to all members of County Council who voted on Thursday August 16, 2012 to accept the AFSCME/NorCo contract. The vote was 8-1, Barbara Thierry being the only no vote.

With regard to Mrs. Thierry's vote...respectfully we say, she normally appears confused and not sure of what she is voting on, but last night was even more so. At one point she noticeably ask County Council President John Cusick what a yes or no vote meant.

With regard to the Gracedale contract matter, Mrs. Thierry said that she had to vote against the contract because she represents the taxpayers, huh???

It was as if her memory failed her...she seemed to forget that the taxpayers/voters told her to keep Gracedale by a 3-1 margin. Or perhaps the fact that her puppeteer was in attendance influenced her decision.

Then up comes Ron Angle with his usual arrogant self righteous attitude...making a ridiculous comment intended to insult - expecting some sort of response from his intended victim...receiving none he turned to the audience expecting some possible laughter, only to hear disgust instead. So he turned to face the Council only to see stern faces suggesting: say what you have to say, then sit down and shut up...we don't have all night. And for the first time in recent history, Ron realized that he is no longer intimidating anyone - anymore.

Even Bernie O'Hare appeared uncomfortable when Ron tried to bring him into his idiotic comment, and he actually cracked a smiled when he saw Ron standing at the podium, seemingly shaking his head from side to side. We wonder why ;-)

With two exceptions, and they won't make it when their terms are up should they chose to run...we have a Council that is working to make things better. They will not always agree on everything, but then again, We The People do not expect them to.

Mr. Stoffa and Mr. Marcus deserve an honorable mention for finally realizing they work for us.
Oh...wait a minute - did Ron say something about Monroe County? :-)


  1. Ron Angle has no ability to stop himself from hearing his own mouth, grandstanding in every single public venue he can find, and making a royal arse out of himself whenever the chance arises.

    His counterpart, the sickening predatory drunekn lunatic stalker and sadist, Bernie O'Hare, draws his living off of Angle, and will do as he says. They are both cowards and should be banished from public sight.

  2. This Council is doing a good job,and Barby never voted on anything without first looking at Angle for his nod of yes or no.
    She has never thought for herslf or the taxpayers.
    I believe strongly in her choice of a vote,but she has never known what she was voting for or against.
    It's refreshing to see the majority of Council working together to debate issues which will benefit all levels of NORCO'S populace.
    If Barby's constituents want a puppet,she's their girl.If they want a rep who studies and is able to UNDERSTAND what the action ,on any issue, which is about to be taken, she's has not been endowed with enough intelligence to make any decision without Angle.

  3. Good for county council. A shame people had to endure Angle again. He just doesn't realize he is a shadow of the clown who once had power. Anyone but Ron Angle and people would pity him.

    O'Hare is on his hate blog attacking Heckman and McClure again. In 2010 he told us what Charlie Dent wanted him to, he claimed Callahan was an idiot and incompetent. Now he is praising Callahan, claiming he will remake the county into a wonderland. Of course we all know what that means. O'Hare was once again bought off by a politican.

    I will say this, the more O'Hare bashes people like McClure and Heckman the better they sound to me.

    The barometer of a good person, one O'Hare constantly attacks.

  4. O'Hare is radioactive from being in bed with Angle and NOBODY in office or in the political establishment is going to be paying him any money to do anything ever again. Stoffa must be kicking himself for his stupidity in working with those two.

  5. At this very moment, O'Hare is working for the Callahan clan. He continues to trash McClure and Heckman on his hate blog. He won't go after Panto or Seyfried because they aren't running.

    I don't know if McClure or Heckman are running or not. However, I prefer people givng serious thought to fixing the mess Stoffa will leave, than a slick politican like Callahan who just sees another politcal office to have a job to go for the next higher rung.

    With O'Hare now helping him, he has no idea how he has screwed himself, regardless of all his money.

  6. you people are a little paranoid.

  7. anon 4:41 isn't Bernie. It is one of the Callahan group. They are trying to buy, threaten and cajoule people into only supporting him.

    The problem with that is, he has already decided to bring on O'Hare as his helper, he is a slick no principle guy who is just looking at his political future. Northampton County is just a bus stop on that journey.

    He has no heart or idea of the problems in the county and plans to follow mnay of the Stoffa policies. His associactes call the shots. He is just the prtty face they use to get elected.

    Ask around, no paranoia. After Stoffa, people are going to be much, much more aware.

  8. Well, do not be concerned. We have already begun to do our homework.
    Believe me when I tell you that a pretty face alone will not work.
    If we do not get assurances about the future security of Gracedale, pretty or an ugly face will not work.
    The people voted 3-1 FOR Gracedale.Even the Party bigshots can no longer scare or coerce WE THE PEOPLE.
    We are tired of lies;we are tired of Stoffa;we are tired of Marcus, we are tired of Angle types;and we are tired of O'Hare only insofar as his former Gracedale rantings are concerned.


  10. If Callahan could get a job in the private sector he would not be running. Do your homework and ask the fire fighters in Bethlehem what they think of him. It will probably sound a lot like Stoffa.

  11. "The problem with that is, he has already decided to bring on O'Hare as his helper,"

    wow, some of you are nuts. just kinda' groovin in your own little reality...

    1. Why does the truth bother you so Bernie?

  12. Warning to Callahan: Dump O'Hare, fast.

  13. It doesn't matter to me at this point. Callahan has already shown he will do anytihng for an office. Not what the county needs at this point in time.

    Another slick politican who is out for himself will have to wait. Stoffa screwed up and we need some help.
    Callahan and his gang are just Stoffa with slicked back hair.

  14. Angle looks he belongs with the circus clowns. I bet he thinks he has real sex appeal.

  15. O'Hare has slammed the Rev. Martinez as not being smart. He continues to slam anyone who points out O'Hares own words about Callahan two years ago. he claimed Callahan was terrible and did a lousy job. Now that the Callahan gang has payed off O'Har,e he is doing what he ususally does with his mancrushes, he says just the opposite.

    He is once again attacking all who don't agree with him. He even has the audacity to call a union official in Bethlehem a "wife beater". Mr. Schlner, take him to court, please.

    O'Hare is a guy who is harassing a woman, kicked a pet pig and has shown his true cloors with Angle and Stoffa and the lies about Gracdale and its suppporters.

    The "intelligent" people know that when it comes to county government, they stay away from anyone O'Hare "supports".

    By the way, don't try aguing with him., He did his usual baby Angle routine and got in his last words then closed down comments.


    1. What a laugh rev martinez not so smart but he lead the county in the most brilliant display of intelligent strategy and that is why angle stoffa n ohare are done today!

  16. O'Hare is giving the Ron Angle take on the Gracedale contract. It is the only way the great baffoon's words can make it to the public. No one other than O'Hare and his pal from the Cahamber of Commerce, Tony Iannelli, really cares what the old bigoted, anti-semite has to say.

    Of course the Angle fans are chiming in that the Home will be sold. Wishfull thinking, just like Angle getting re-elected. Still we must be very careful with the upcoming elections. We all know who O'Hare is supporting, so this time no one can pretend they didn't know. If the union goes along with the O'Hare candidate, it is their own fault the Home goes away.

  17. Gracedale must and will be protected. There is no doubt that O'Hare is backing the people he feels will dump the Home in a few years. Next year the political professionals will be shocked by the results.

    They really underestimate the feelings of the electorate. Now if the unions can help out and
    not sell out, we can ensure that we get good elected officials.

  18. O'Hare has just admitted that he lied on his hate blog. He claimed the Gracedale union received double time amd a half. Now he corrects himself an dadmi9ts that it was only that for "HOLIDAYS. He was caught in his lie and had to admit it. How many lies have we endured from him over the years.

    O'Hare will always jump the gun when he can attack something he hates. He hates the Gracedale emplopyees and he hates Gracedale.

    But remember we will prevail in the end.

  19. He admitted nothing. He claims he just got the memo. In fact, if you try to post on his blog, even just to thank the union, you will be deleted without comment.

    He is playing his hate games like he always does. He was caught in a lie so he just makes th etruth disappear. It is the O'Hater way. He will let hateful anti-Gracedale comments stand but sletes and censors the kind and truthful words. He is truly a dispicable person.

  20. The hate and lies he allows on his "Gracedale memo" posting is disgusting. His usual hateful teabbagger friends, Mark Baker andClem(also known as Ron Angle), are making crazy claims. They are still promoting and promising the sale of Gracedale. It sounds like a fix may be in the works. I tried to comment on their lies and hate but of course my posts dissappeared.

    Well folks, nothing has changed and I sure don't plan on going through four more years of this under his pal John Callahan.

    A friend from the union

  21. Isn't O'hare the creep that got dumped from the practice of law because he lied to a judge and his bosses at the U.S. Justice Dept. ?

  22. Yes, and he broke his fathers hearrt. Bernie was always a screw up. His dad worked all his connections to get him into law school and then a federal job.

    Bernie, blew it due to his emotional instability and his substance abuse.

    Friends of his father said it broke the poor man's heart and probably hastened his death.

    Now you see one of thereasons O'Hare is so erratic and spews the vile hate he does. He is racked with self hate, he projects on to others.

  23. anonymous 5:39
    The union at Gracedale and COAF have worked very well together in the past and I'm sure they will continue to work well together to unsure that Gracedale stays protected. Saving Gracedale was a group effort and could not have been with everyone that was involved. This next election will be crucial for Gracedale and the county. We don't need another Stoffa.