Friday, August 31, 2012

United - We Will Always Stand...

...Divided - We will never fall.

Senator Lisa M. Boscola said it best "The collection of over 23,300 signatures was a monumental success, not just for those advocates of Gracedale, but for democracy as a whole. Those of us in government, along with county government officials, should want, welcome and embrace the thousands of voices who spoke by lending their names to the petition. Now more than ever, it has become increasingly difficult to keep a cynical public engaged in their government. We constantly desire greater activism and want more people to become connected to their government. But roadblock decisions like this are precisely the cause for continued disconnect and disillusionment. Not allowing a referendum vote will disenfranchise these individuals, leaving them in the dark without a democratic voice. When have we ever seen 23,300 people in Northampton County come together via petition, lending their voice to a cause they care and believe so deeply in?"

And today, that very same engaged voice is once again saying something that should be heard and considered seriously by our County leadership...If it is accurate that Ilisa Sacknoff, (who is known to have used Ativan as a method and means to control especially the elderly afflicted with Alzheimer's she could not understand) is to be laid off at the end of September, We The People ask you Mr. Stoffa, don't hesitate, demonstrate that you do in fact serve and represent The People of the County - act now...release her now - for all the trouble she has caused the elderly citizens of our great Northampton County nursing home Gracesdale.

Ilisa Sacknoff
In our opinion, this poor excuse of a social worker has brought nothing more than shame and disgrace to those she should have been serving, as well as to you Mr. where exactly does your loyalty lie, in her, or in The People who elected you?

Remember this message John:

The greater the loyalty of COAF to COAF, the greater the motivation among the members of COAF to achieve their goals, and greater became the probability that COAF would achieve their goals. And history shows the world they did achieve their mission...why? Because their loyalty was placed where it belonged - in He who delivers us.

Try it John, you will find peace in Him, and also in doing what is right!


  1. REMEMBER : we will not go away !

    we believe in fighting for those who
    are unable to speak for themself
    people afflicted with
    Alzheimers, Down syndrome,ect.

    We will fight till our dying day
    each and every one of us because we
    truley believe in our cause.

    It is a shame what is happening in Northampton County to these precious people. We have to put an end to it no matter what it takes. Comments like they are old ,sick let them go.
    or I heard once they are at fourth stage alzheimers they are at death's door what do you want us to do with them ?
    Everyone has to wake up and stand for these peoples right's remember everyone of us will be old or afflected some day do you want this happening to you ?
    With unity and the help of God we shall conquer
    this evil.


  2. Today I made two comments on O'Hares blog regarding the comment made by DA John Morganelli...relating to the Easton Police shooting - not only did I agree with the DA when he stated “he would rather have an injured criminal than a dead police officer.”, I also supported the courageous effort and response from all of our police & protectors of this great nation give.

    A commenter came back with:
    “ Anonymous said...
    Easton's finest have left guns all over the place (interrogation rooms, unlocked police cruisers, diners, etc.) and killed each other with them. I support cops and the guy may well have earned his shooting. Easton's kops should be viewed with a very healthy skepticism, however. They've earned it.
    4:48 PM”

    I responded saying: we are all humans prone to err, but unlike us, they (the police) risk their very lives every day. Understanding that they may never see their loved ones again.

    He allowed it for a short period, and then, I guess my second comment which ended with a remark stating that we should not be so quick to condemn and judge the men and women who risk it all - every day for all of us...

    Well, I guess it must have triggered something in his demented mind that inspired him to remove my comments. But that’s okay because I still love him, and so does Jesus.

    Now I have to say, perhaps this is n indication that Bernie has an axe to grind with Easton PD…not sure why.

    Please note that this is the very reason we do not allow him on our blog.

    I understand why he feels the way he does, he went "ALL-IN" hoping to defeating COAF, and he lost it all…I guess he blames me for that - well...he gives me far too much credit.

    God Bless you Bernie ;-)


  3. You must have hit a sore spot.
    He must not be as chummy with Easton Police as he is with Nazerth Police . maybe they don't let him get away with going thru red lights because it was late and there was no traffic ???
    Got to love it.

  4. Word on the street is, Did easton catch up with his parking half in the street half in the parking place. Maybe someone noticed the broken light in the back of his truck? Waiting for inspection time on the rice burner.

  5. I hear that vehicle was a gift from Angle.

  6. Did someone say Bishop Angle. I was watching the video on-line and heard Angle make the stupid remark, seemingly seeking attention like a child. BLA BLA BLA and then everyone was happy that he sat down and shut up.