Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Now BOSS...

...What will you do now Mr. Stoffa?

We The People informed you, we followed the rules to make you aware and give you an opportunity to correct the wrong actions of renegade employee Ilisa Sacknoff. Will you now do the right thing, or will you continue to defy reason?

As you know Mr. Stoffa, we have documentation dating back to October 2008 that will serve as evidence, that through Steve McShane you were made aware of Ilisa Sacknoff's poor employment practices, and rather than deal with it then, you and your office chose to ignored it instead. That was then...what will you do now!

We have additional documented evidence dating back to February 2009, which will also reveal you were made aware through Skeeter (Marvin Grander) that the same situation relating to this less than desirable employee continued to exist, and we're confident that we have more documentation which we have yet to reviewed, we have so much stuff to go through...The question is: "Will you ignore it now?".

We The People simply want this matter resolved. While we trust that 90-95% of the County Employees are GREAT employees performing at/or above adequate levels, we also rationally understand that there are usually up to 10% that are not.

All we are asking is that you do a better job of weeding out the poor performers, so that the positive performing employees are not seen in the same light as the under achievers. 

Are We The People as the county's financial resource asking for too much? We think not.

Do the right thing John...please - finally, do the right thing. Put this matter to rest, or face the music and pay the piper!


  1. You are continuing to withhold evidence and put the lives of Gracedale patients in danger.

    Why would you do such a horrific thing?

    Bring this evidence forward and let's move forward.

  2. We just removed a comment from our good friend Bernie. We asked you not to comment on our Blog since you will not allow us to post on your blog, we feel thats fair...SO STOP!

    And just to quell your nonsensical mind...Ilisa cannot hurt anyone at Gracedle because she no longer works at Gracedale. She can hurt others working at DP...but you can blame Marcus and Stoffa for that...they placed her there.

    Stay off our Blog.

  3. This woman is no longer at Gracedale to continue her dominance over families of those who cannot speak for themselves.
    She was eventually transferred from Gracedale to some position within the Mental Health Dept. of the county.
    She was moved by Marcus and Stoffa.
    It's just lately that her name began to surface as far as I know.Perhaps, someone else could bring us up to date,but she is doing no more harm at Gracedale. COAF took care of that, but Marcus simply moved her to work her "magic" with others who cannot speak for themselves based upon what I have read .

  4. Ilisa Sacknoff is now a Program Specialist II for SCO at DP - she works under Kathleen M. Kelly, Administrator, and Ann Kline, Deputy Administrator for DP. As I understand it, this trio is causing much hardship for family members of mentally challanged adults.

    Word on the street is: Ilisa is supposed to lose her position at the end of September due to budget cuts, hopefully that's true, unless stoffa acts beforehand, but that's not likely.

    And Ann Kline is apparently fearful that she too may be losing her job but for other reasons directly involving a family that they have exploited recently.

  5. Anon 1050am, I am not Bernie O'Hare.

    Again I implore you, if you have evidence that this woman put the lives of Gracedale residents at risk, then you need to bring it forward. It doesn't matter that it happened in the past and she's not there any more. Conduct like that cannot go unpunished.

  6. You see Bernie - we know it's you - 10:50 is not anon, it SPG...we know your games, and we understand that there is not much going on your blog so you’re trying to make something happen here...just note this - Ilisa knows, Marcus knows, and Stoffa knows that there is documentation. If you are so interested in the documentation - file a RTK with the county, hopefully they won't keep it from you, and they should have the docs on file, if not - uh-oh. Stay off our blog.

  7. Who is SPG?

    Look, I don't care about anyone other than the residents who may have been in danger. Don't care about you, O'Hare, SPG, or anyone else but them.

  8. See...we know it's you Bernie - MO = Don't care. Stay off our blog...continue and we will report you blogspot, when we prove its you you will lose your right to your hate blog. STAY OFF!

  9. am i bernie too?

  10. This is NOT a Saving Gracedale blog --its just a front for what is really a " HATE BERNIE O'OHARE & JOHN STOFFA BLOG " half the crap you read here is all about that. Why don't you post stuff on here about the residents and the things the employees do for the residents there -make this a more positive blog if you really want it saved. If not; and you continue with the type of blogging your currently doing -you'll turn people off and I for one will start a petition to SELL Gracedale.

  11. PS For the record--I am NOT bernie

  12. For the guy who wants to start a petition drive to sell Gracedale,GOOD LUCK.
    If you have the guts and the stamina to complete such an overwhelming task,be my guest.
    Put your money where your mouth is!

  13. PS For the record--yes you are

  14. That's just bernie talking nonsense. Let him talk Its cheap means nothing bla bla bla

  15. Trust me--I am NOT Bernie--and i would have no problem starting a petition and would get the necessary legitimate signatures as well but thats not the answer. The real issue is getting this blog to talk more about the positive things that Gracedale and the employees do for the residents that make it worthwhile to keep saving. Forget about badgering stofa and bernie and anyone else. Get on more positive things about Gracedale. Otherwise; you'll sink it when the time runs out and it will get SOLD.

  16. Bernie, you want to go out and get signature GO AHEAD, we dare you!

  17. Word on the street is, Is the COAF getting to close too somkething they do not want the COAF to find out. I am sure that it will come out.