Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Hired Ilisa Sacknoff in DP?

As we understand it - Ann Kline, Deputy Administrator for DP hired Sacknoff.

This information leads us to ask a few questions:

  • Why did Ms. Kline hire someone like Ilisa Sacknoff?
  • Did Kline know Sacknoff's Gracedale history?
  • Was Kline instructed by Ross Marcus or John Stoffa to hire Sacknoff?
  • Did Kline work closely with Ilisa?
  • What was Klines complicity in inflicting the kinds of horror, brutality and punishment Sacknoff is known to administered.
Just a few questions. Surely if we consider this matter long enough, many more questions will arise.

In our humble opinion, the problem with our culture today, with special attention to the government elected officials under who's authority people like Sacknoff are hired to serve We The People, but instead who believe they can commence mistreatment schemes which actually cause harm, is a problem of accountability.

We The People understand that County Executive John Stoffa can't be everywhere, and can't possibly know everything...we comprehend that - yes, we get it. However, what about when the problems of human mistreatment is reported to those in authority...then what?

COAF climbed the ladder correctly - one wrung at a time. Each wrung had it's own set of challenges, but we pressed on because we believe that how we treat the helpless is a worthy and important cause to fight for.

We shed light on this problem employee (Sacknoff) going back to 2008, and in early 2009, if memory serves us correctly, Ms. Diane Nieper became involved with our strife before she resigned her position  in June as Councilwoman. We were very appreciative of her because she did try her best with the time she had left in County Council to assist us resolve the problematic employee matter.

All along the way the light on the problem became brighter, exposing the extent of the problem, and all along we were pointed to Ross Marcus and John Stoffa as the key individuals responsible with the authority to do something about the problem.

They had the opportunity then to correct the problem by holding Sacknoff accountable. Instead they turned to others in government employment positions like Ann Kline to shield the problem of Ilisa has to wonder why? And then, one has to ask why?


  1. "What was Klines complicity in inflicting the kinds of horror, brutality and punishment Sacknoff is known to administered."

    Again I ask, if you have evidence of this, why are you keeping it to yourselves? And I mean publicly, not through the county. Hold a press conference. File a lawsuit. Print all your evidence here.

    But for God's sake do something.

    For the sake of present and future Gracedale residents, I ask that you bring this evidence to light so the guilty may be punished.

  2. No one can move without asking Ross Marcus and Ross Marcus won't do a thing woithout asking John Stoffa. The [process has been that way since the beginning.

    So the person who approvewd the move was ultimately John Stoffa or at the very least Ross Marcus, who is known for not knowing what the Hell is going on.

  3. Anon 2:08

    Are you saying that Ross Marcus dosn't know what's going on? Sad. Can you explain how you know this?

  4. A good source said that Ilisa was in court today trying to hurt another family. Stoffa needs to stop this ruthless woman.

  5. Many in Human Services have stated that Ross Marcus is little more than an errand boy for John Stoffa. He rarely interacts with his staff and can never answer any questions until he checks with Stoffa. After that he never gets back to you.

    A waste

  6. I hope she was not in court today with out me knowing??


  7. Developmental programs

  8. Word on the street is, Ross Marcus only came to Northampton County because of John Stoffa. The word is out on the two of them.

  9. Marcus was a promised job for the Republican support Stoffa received in both the primary and general elections in 2005.