Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did They Give Back A Nickel?

No Ron...the unions did not give back a nickel - they gave back Millions.

For the record: COAF is not for or against unions...we are Pro-Gracedale.

With that said, we are compelled to inform the County of Northampton, that the AFSCME union and the Gracedale employees came through as promised.

They definitely put their money where their mouth is, demonstrating their integrity, and their  commitment to Gracedale by keeping the pledge they made - to give back reasonably. 

And once again there is egg in the face of Ron Angle and his associates who wanted to sell the County Gem.

Let us identify for you exactly what primary concessions were made by AFSCME and their union members/Gracedale employees:
  1. Gave back 36 hrs of sick leave
  2. Gave back 1/2 times on a holiday (They were getting 2 1/2 times on a holiday, and now will be getting 2x .. and only if they work!).
  3. Gave back President's Day
  4. Gave back their paid lunch break.
  5. Now work 37 1/2 hrs per week. A HUGE savings of over 1.1 million dollars
  6. The employees will take a pay freeze for 2012
  7. The employees will pay a .75% increase into their health care in 2013, 2014, and 2015.
  8. They also agree to flexible shifts of 8-10-12 hrs to help with the staffing problems.
Each employee will lose approx $2000-3000  per year... That is huge!

These concessions are real ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, and they will impact every Gracedale employee for the next four years. We know it's a hard pill to swallow, but they did it because they we take this opportunity to congratulate AFSCME and their employees for keeping their word and doing what they said from the onset they would do - give back what is reasonably necessary to keep Gracedale where it belongs - in County hands.

Now its up to County Council to stay on top of County Executive John Stoffa, as well as his replacement, to ensure that Gracedale is set up to succeed, and not to fail.

Keeping in mind their commitment that all funds generated by Gracedale in the black will stay in a separate account for Gracedales needs only - not go into general funds where they can be used for other purposes.

We The People believe it is safe to say: it seems that in the past, the path of least resistance had been the one taken...the easy road. But today, after enduring a long constant uphill battle, we are finally at the peak - tough choices  had to be made...and they were. The time for PEACE has arrived, but we must all continue to do what is right...not later, or tomorrow, or next week - no, the time is now, and into the future.


  1. Thank you County Council, and the employees of Gracedale, and AFSCME you all did the right thing. You took a loss for the good of Gracedale and it's residents to keep it where it belong's in County hands.
    Thank you again,

  2. Once again the employees show more honesty and class, than John Stoffa and his henchmen.

  3. The employees at Gracedale are good honest employees, now its time that some management take a hit too!! The lowest paid employees gave back money that they don't have. Let's see what the rest can do to help keep Gracedale working!!!

  4. Gracedale employees are not the only drain on the county budget ==in these hard times EVERYONE needs to make sacrifices including the top administration. I wonder what if anything they will give back?????
    Thank you Gracedale emplyees for keeping your word. God will Bless you and in someway you will be paid back tenfold.

  5. Word on the street is, is it true that Angle and Stoffa were to receve a stock option on the sale of Gracedale? It does make one wounder

  6. No one else will give back. Even though Stoffa gave double digit raises out, no one else will be asked to sacrifice. Even Reibman frooze his Adminstrators salries for years, not so Stoffa.

    This was always a bogus argument from a very dishonest adminstration.

  7. There are a few more points I would like to make....
    1. The wound care: disbanning it, Union President on wound care, Union Vice President wife wound care!
    2. Union Vice President housekeeper-- privitize housekeeping!
    3.Union Treasurer Laundry worker-- privitize laundry!
    Sounds a little like union busting to me!!!