Friday, August 10, 2012

Attacking Who?

It is our humble opinion that Ilisa Sacknoff is not being attacked, merely being held accountable for her misdeeds during her employment at Gracedalae.

To understand the reality relating to this less than desirable hireling, one must go back to at least September of 2008, when her favorite words were "YOU DON"T HAVE A CHOICE". Once again, we ask you remember that Ilisa?

Anyone who has sympathy for her, and believes that she is being wrongly treated, well, in our don't really know Ilisa. She has never had the opportunity to treat you as poorly as she treated us.

At that point in time, Ilisa herself will tell you, that COAF grew to 34 direct members...All of which had a problem with Ilisa...why do you think that was?

We feel it safe to say that when you do your job well people don't want you gone - instead they appreciate you, and in some above and beyond cases, they give you awards...but not Ilisa - she would have received tomato's in the face for her abrasive treatment of residents and family members at Gracedale. She deserved it then...and she deserves it today.

Yes, we understand that she has been humiliated by this negative attention, and humiliated she should be for all the wrong she did, and continues to do.

Unless however, she is prepared to sincerely ask for forgiveness...and we doubt she will - it is not possible for us to extend our acceptance.

We cannot accept an apology that hasn't been offered.



    Ive just been brought to tears recalling those days spoken off on this post. We agonized with fear and many of us felt to join coaf would only jeperdize our own love ones, so we did not, although we did root for them. If I had the opportunity to do it again i certainly would joined them. These people are the fabric of AMERICA. God bless you all.

  2. What is most amazing to me is htat the Gracedale leadership, Mr. Stoffa and Mr. Marcus allowed this to go on for so long. It was related to them amd they just didn't care.

    The amazing thing is that John Stoffa brags about his social work careeer. Now it is no surprise how three children died while in the Lehigh County childrens division care, when Stoffa was the head of that department.

    It all makes sense now. he is a disgrace and should leave office immeditately.

  3. Stoffa is responsible even if he is not, and that simply means that as the head, if he did not know he should have. Yes, he is a disgrace!