Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Good Is It?

County Executive John Stoffa is being credited with copy-catting a Bethlehem Program to help our NorCo citizens understand how different County departments work, or don't work, depending on ones own worldview.

The problem that exist however, is that Mr. Stoffa handpicks the people he allows on any program offerings.

If the County Executive holds something against you, however, don't hold your breath believing you will be selected - it won't happen no  matter how qualified you may be.

For example: We had a member of the Coalition email Mr. Stoffa himself, regarding an appointment to a committee - Mr. Stoffa did not even as a courtesy respond to the email. And then, when you attend committee meetings and hear his handpicked puppets say things like "anything you say Marcus", well, you get the picture. He handpicks those that will simply comply and conform to his desires.

We believe that what Stoffa needs to understand  without a doubt in his mind is: that We The People are awake! He can no longer pull the wool over our eyes because there are too many eyes watching.

Has the time come for unity between our local government and it's people...perhaps - but, that can only happen when County Executive John Stoffa is fair to ALL...not just his selected few!


  1. Stoffa is a failure.He should move aside for a more honest exec with good character and integrity who wants to serve THE PEOPLE of NORCO.
    Good bye, John.

  2. Stoffa walks around like a zombie because he feels Oh so misunderstood. He is incapable of leading the County so why doesn't Council get him what he needs? A REPLACEMENT!

  3. Anyone who trusts the likes of Angle and O'Hare cannot be too bright.
    Look to their wins and losses.
    I rest my case.

  4. This is a Stoffa trademark move. Right after he was elected, he wanted to dump the Head of the Elections Department. He had a grudge agaisnt he rand Angler wanted her gone. Stoffa put together a "blue ribbon committee" to look into "problems" in the Department. The "people" he picked were all his supporters. The chair was the guy who gave him the most money in his campaign.

    He did this when he would not reappoint people to county boards and ignormed the request of anyone he felt would not be in his pocket. Then he has the nerve to say people don't know about or want to serve on the boards.

    Every now and then he will throw a bone to make the Press look the other way. That is why the COAF got one person on the Board. You notice he did not seek some of the qualoified people that spoke about Gracedale over the months. He picked people he has known, some of wich don't even know what Grqacedlae does.

    He is a fraud and has made a career out of conning the media. After these lousy eight years he should no longer be able to pull off his BS.