Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mercy And Justice...

...Is our County motto.

However, it seems Northampton County's "elect" have lost their way, and no longer follow the simple guiding principles which once exhibited our County character.

What has occurred to lead us so far astray?

In comparison with our Founding Fathers, the "elect" of this day are more like hypocrites, schemers, and connivers that cannot be trusted. Their foundations are weak, their words are worthless. Their "yes" usually means no...and of course their "no" usually means yes.

Their motivator is greed for money, and their hunger is for power. They have no sense of obligation to their electors, simply arrogance after their election. They do what they please without regard for right or wrong. Their motto is "you scratch my back, I'll stab yours". We witnessed that first hand with Ron Angle and John Stoffa, but Ron was STOPPED...and if Stoffa was to attempt a run at it again - he too would be stopped in a heartbeat.

Well, some out there say Stoffa doesn't have a heart, and that's why he moved Ilisa Sacknoff from Gracedale to DP, where she just continues her recklessness on other innocent families, who because they stand alone cannot defend themselves against her.

The question is: why would Stoffa and Marcus connive to move her to DP instead of terminating her services for the reported malicious behavior displayed by this hireling? Well, our friends, what did we say their principle motivator is? GREED for MONEY...YES, you got it. Ilisa is very good at doing the dirty work...she thrives on it - it satisfies her hunger for power. She gets her brownie points, and the County gets rich of the backs of the innocent.

How so? She finds vulnerable families she can exploit. At Gracedale it was families of Alzheimer's/dementia residents, in DP it's families of patients afflicted with Down Syndrome/Retardation, always people with some sort of mental challenge. Why? Because she can manipulate these families with her deception, and once she does, it means big dollars for the county. As we understand it, as much as $150.000.00 per year from the State and Federal government.

Legally Kidnapped is a blog that sheds much light on the subject of these types of situations, which profit people like Ilisa Sacknoff. There is also VOCAL, an organization which, all who have been persecuted by Ilisa can turn to for help. The problem is larger than we would think, and not just here in NorCo, but throughout our nation. If dealt with individually, there is no success, that is why and how COAF organized...they understood right from the beginning that you can not fight such an animal alone.

Sadly, the "elect" of yesterday would defend the rights of these families, while many of the "elect" today see only dollar signs, with no regard or respect for the families or lives they destroy.
Where is the Mercy...
...and where is the Justice?


  1. What can you expect from Mr. Stoffa ? He alligns himself with Bernie O'Hare who actually forged his client's name to a settlement document.

  2. I must encourage you to also look at Ann Kline in DP as she is the one who has made drastic draconian chanes to the program that has affected workers and consumers.

  3. Bernie has posted the same heading on his blog. He feels that opening a treatment center in West Easton is JUSTICE n MERCY, perhaps it is part of it, but, what about what is happening to all those abused families under the umbrella of DP? He fails to mention them!!!

  4. I see Bernie O'Hare was prancing around West Easton yesterday acting as Mr. Stoffa's official photographer. It raises a question. Why wasn't Bernie prosecuted when he forged his client's name to a legal document ?

  5. Bernie O'Hare should be pranced right out of the courthouse. That sicko has dressed in drag and hung out with other men dressed in drag in those restrooms. He's also treated courthouse restrooms as his own personal bath house. Who was that other guy that got thrown out of the courthouse with him ? The answer to that question could be very revealing.

  6. O'Hair is over on his hate blog talking about how he could be reinstated - whatever that means. Here's the truth about Bernie. He was a terrible lawyer. Not because he was drunk, but because he didn't care about people. There's a word for people like that.

  7. Rumor has it he is stuffing thinhs in his bike riding shorts to "enhance" his manly appearance. That is funny as all get out.

    Yes O'Hare and his angry band of haters are making like he can get reinstated at the drop of a hat. It isn't that easy and he knows it. That is why he never did it. He is once again beinbg deceptive, so what else is new.

    He and the angry haters are also using the occasion to attack Lamont McClure who was on top of his "exclusive story", while O'Hare was busy defending the offending party.

  8. Clem, also known as Ron Angle, is posting the most vile and disgusting things on O'Hares hate blog. However O'Hare, still blames the Rev. M for posts on O'Haters blog.

    He deletes anything about Clem being Ron Angle but it has been confimred by a third source. The language he uses is also a dead give away that it is Angle.

  9. I think the other guy who got thrown out of the courthouse restroom with B.O. was his priest friend, alex. They were both dressed in drag. That's why he got fired from working at the courthouse. So he became a priest.

  10. BO + RA = Cancer

  11. "I think the other guy who got thrown out of the courthouse restroom with B.O. was his priest friend, alex. They were both dressed in drag. That's why he got fired from working at the courthouse. So he became a priest."

    Rev. Martinez, this kind of slur cheapens this blog. If the writer has evidence that O'Hare is a pedophile, please bring it forward. Otherwise, I ask you to remove it in the name of decency, especially if it is against another member of the clergy. This makes everything appear worse.