Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Should The County Executive Intervene...

...In the matter relating to (In our opinion) renegade county employee Ilisa Sacknoff?

We The People believe he should. Why?...because ultimately he is responsible for every subordinate within the confines of his local County Government.

The sad reality is he was informed! And his choice was to do nothing...but, he can still right his err - he can say: "I should have done more", and in his case he still has time to do more. Just do it while you can John.

We The People were never against County Executive John Stoffa, and he knows that to be true...but he deceived us - in essence he picked the fight, all we did was say: "don't push us". In his arrogance however, he chose to push anyway.

We believe it is safe to say today that John has come to regret his failed decisions time and time again, because it was he who lost the battles - every time he pushed.

If we are correct, he probably wishes he coud turn back the hands of time...but he cannot! What he can do is correct his direction and do today what is right and in the best interest of We The People.

You can do it John...just put your heart into it.


  1. This is an easy one. Stoffa should have done it years ago. He unleashed her fury on other poor souls.
    Get on the ball,Johnny,and finally do something right for the DISABLED.
    I personally would love to say that I could forgive and forget all your lies which all helped to hurt those who could not speak for themselves,I cannot.Too many of these people are now dead and were dying as you,BO,and Angle were trying to feed the taxpayers a bill of goods.
    However,there are those who a can forgive and are awaiting a positive and TRUTHFUL sign from you or Marcus.We all have been given the gift of free will;make your choice.

  2. This Sacknoff lady took advantage of family members as they were feeling guilty about having to place a loved one in a nursing facility.
    How low can a human being go?
    This is the kind of behavior which Stoffa and Marcus allowed.
    The group-Stoffa,Marcus,Angle,O'Hare-called COAF names,namely goons.
    Thank God that they were unable to intimidate us.
    When the end of this Gracedale matter arrives, they will have ask themselves who the Goons really were!

  3. Thank you, COAF for fighting for our family members and others that had no one.Gracedale is in county hands today because all your hard work, and I know as long as you are fighting it will stay that way.
    Thank You All

  4. John Stoffa will never do anything for this or anything else that requires disciplining one of his own. He did not do anything when Ross Marcus came charging back into a room at the PSSU chief shop after a meeting. Stoffa's Director of Human Resources had to run over to get in front of Marcus to stop him from doing something more serious. Anything goes and is acceptable under this administration.