Friday, August 10, 2012

What do We Seek In A NEW County Exec?

Well...First - Someone who is trustworthy, honest, and true.

Before we go further, let us define those three very critical and important qualities.

Trustworthy - Someone who is always reliable to handle the GREATEST gem in the world (at least to us) Gracedale. Someone who will be dependable to protect Gracedale regardless of the approaching foe, and who is confident of his/her abilities to take Gracedale into the future.

Honest - Someone who is veracious, always telling the truth, in fact bound by the truth, and who understand integrity and probity, and who always adheres to morality. He/she will exemplify decency, humility, and character.

True - Someone who is genuine, authentic, and pukka.

Yes...we know - this is a tall order, but it is possible.

While there are but a handful out there that meet these three unique requirements, there are even less that have more to offer.

More like the strength and courage of a lion to take on any adversary seeking to hurt Gracedale, and also the compassion and tenderness of a lamb seeking to serve those that cannot help or speak for themselves.
Sensitive but tough!

Those of us who have been involved since the beginning...who do we know that has displayed these inherent features?

Who do we know whom has time and time again displayed without out fear of retribution these admirable and distinguished attributes?

Who's face turned RED when Gracedale was attacked...and who fought tooth and nail to make sure Gracedale prevailed?

Well...your gonna have to stay tuned to find out!

We The People
will support him/her, should he/she decide to run.


  1. Sensitive but tough?

    Sounds like the fake reverend--could it be?

    I say this respectfully because I support you 100%, and I would definitely vote for u n I'm sure u would win.

  2. If you are pinning your hopes on Sreveie boy Barron, forget it. He won't even get through a primary much less the general. He has a lot of growing up to do.

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence 10:28, but, as I stated on Business Matters, unless Jesus calls me in that direction (and he has not) I will not be throwing a hat into the arena. There is one out there that will serve us well, and he/she will be identified when the time is right. At that juncture we simply MUST do whatever we can to support and elect him/her.


  4. Lamont McClure barely can win his district. He is the one Democrat that would lose to a Republican in the Fall.

    I know you guys like the guy but he just can't win county wide and should remain on council as a hedge agfainst a bad executive.

    1. And who are you that we should take advice from you, please do tell.

  5. Were you the one that also said that Angle would never be removed, look what happened to him!

  6. Its not abvout Lamont being a good guy or not, he is just not electable countywide. He barely wins his district. He is unknown in Bethelem, wewre most of trhe Dem's live.

    Callahan will eat him for lunch, especially if a third candidtae runs.

    Just saying, this one is even harder than trying to get nineteen thousand signatures.

  7. O'Hare is attacking Lamont on his hate blog. The guy just can't take the fact that there are peo9ple who will stand up to him.

  8. Are there some people you consider as decent candidates? Or is there only one person you support?

  9. I'm for Gracedale but would never vote for lamont--better pick someone else because lamont won't make it.

  10. If Lamont decided to run and coaf decided to support him he will win because coaf has many supporters throughout the county who trust what coaf is doing because they have witnessed first hand what they have done for the indigent the helpless and the incapable.

  11. Sadly, lamont won't win in a race for county executive.

  12. Neither will Panto or Callahan