Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can You See The Truth?

County Executive John Stoffa has proven to be one big disappointment to all Gracedale residents and employees. Many in the county may not be aware but, to get re-elected  Stoffa ran a campaign in Gracedale promising to take care of Gracedale, it's residents, and it's employees. It was in fact a deception. A deception that almost cost Gracedale her life.

Today, on his last leg of his term, because he failed to complete his Gracedale sale mission, he is angry and prepared to do what ever he has to, to make those who stopped him pay. Yes, he wants to prove to COAF that he will make us pay, but as part of the process he will have to make the whole county pay. And to Stoffa, that's just acceptable collateral damage.

How will he make us pay? By shoving a non essential Human Services Building down our throats. An unnecessary expense that may break the County financially.  And he wants to do this during a time that even the Federal Government is cutting back human services. John Stoffa wants to waste more of our tax dollars on his desire to have a building with his name on it. Sadly, he is very good at pulling the wool over peoples eye, although he failed to do so with COAF, it now appears that he may have been successful with at least two of the members of council whom we elected to serve us.

Why is it that politicians are so deceptive? What we mean is: why do politicians promise the world to get elected, and quickly forget their promises to their electors once elected?

John Stoffa out right lied about using tax dollars to assist two private citizens in a legal battle against the taxpayers, that's called corruption! And sadly everyone on County Council is aware of that fact because the truth came out in December of 2012 by way of a letter from the County Controllers office. But what is County Council doing about it? Seemingly NOTHING! Why nothing? Well, Johns Stoffa is a con artist that can sell the Brooklyn bridge to fools on both sides of the bridge.

Please note that this post is not intended to insult or demean anyone. It's intent is to express and highlight our total dissatisfaction with those who promised us to do the right thing prior to last election. And who today appear to have forgotten their promises to us. Yes they are very good at telling us to be patient, and patient we have been. But we're getting tired in our patience. We're not going to forget about this regardless of how long any of you want to put it off. If County Council will not act on this matter on behalf of the People, We The People will.

Why are we so poised to deal with this matter - Because what John Stoffa did was wrong!!! And possibly illegal. To do nothing and allow an injustice and a dis-service by all County Council representatives, to ALL Northampton County electors and taxpayers.


  1. Will Parson and Warner help him do this ?

    1. I sure hope not. I trust Bob, not too sure about Scott. He seems to be siding with stoffa a lot these days. It is amazing how stoffa snookers so many. you have 2 wonder how he does it.

  2. Gracedale employees took cuts to help ensure Gracedale's future..Now Stoffa wants to use that and other monies to build a Human Service building..That way, eventually, when these Human service cuts come Gracedale will get screwed because there wont be enough money to go around. The new executive will say, Hey, I didnt decide to build that new Human Service building, Stoffa did..Now there's no money for Gracedale.. Human Services will be cut again by the state and the federal government this year..There wont be anyone to fill that building for the next few years...It's a complete waste of money!!! Bernie OHairyis giving Stoffa press today for this buildingcause he knows if that goes, Gracedale will get cut ...Their wont be enough money to go around..He's already attacked Jim Gregory because he opposes it and apparently he attacks anyon else who opposes it..If that sick human being OHairy supports it, you know that it's a bad idea...
    You better talk to your friends on Council and ask them to postphone this horrible idea until a new executive and Council comes to look at it next year...If they support it, then ou know it's a good idea...They'd be crazy to do this on Stoffa's watch..Once he leaves, he has no responsibility..This is the same guy that let the swaption grow from a few million to 25 million and then blame it on Reibman..He's a con man...Tell Council to put this vote off!!!!!!!! Otherwise, Gracedale in for a rough ride from now on...They don't have to oppose the idea, just the timing..Postpone the dmn thing until someone rational can lok at it...

  3. Yes, again, let the next Council and Executive look at this plan next year. By that time , you know how much of a hit Human Services will take this year from the State and Federal Governments..To act on this building beforehand is absolutely irresponsible...Where are Chris Miller and the tea party crazies..You'd think they'd be screaming about this. They and bernie support it because they know it will eventually take money away from gracedale..If Council doesnt table this, they are nuts...

  4. You are right. The worst t.hing that can happen to Gracedale is this new building..Better stop it..Tell council to take a deep breath and say wait a minute..

  5. This new county council, with the exception of Mr. Parsons, is a disappointment. They are not much different then the other ones that were thrown out. No hard questions just nod you rhead to whatever Stoffa wants.

    Sure, spend my tax money on a needless "John Stoffa Human Services building" for his "legacy", while at the same time you agree with him that we can't afford Gracedale.

    If brains were dynamite, you guys would not have enough to blow your noses.


  6. Amen!!, to all of the above. Please, spare us another scam. Let this guy slideout of here without causing anymore damage then he already has.

  7. Prediction. Both Parsons and Werner vote for it.

  8. Sadly Ken Kraft is pushing it and Mr. Werner and Parsons appear to be for it. Just don't get it. They won elections based on protecting people from the actions of the proven lying con man Stoffa. Yet here they are, fast tracking another Stoffa scheme. I rememeber rhow Ken Kraft and the others were kissing up to the COAF for votes.

    Have anyone of them asked how much money Stoffa's buddy has made over the past eight years getting multiple contracts from his pal John Stoffa.

    Why doesn't county council get their own consultant to check this thing out.

    I must admoit, I am very, very disappointed in the county council. Aftr Gracedale, there is no excuse for this.

    Please Stop Stoffa. Are you guys just as incompetent.

  9. Read the comments in the Easton Express about this deal. They are excellent and make more sense than the county council and certainly John Stoffa.